Small-scale miners Rio Madeira take part in exchanges in Peru

18 September 2018 - ore mining models less harmful to the environment developed in the Amazon have been on the agenda


Brazilian small scale miners, Colombian and Peruvian shared experiences and working techniques for a more sustainable mining and less aggressive to nature. They participated in the workshop "artisanal and small scale mining: building a dialogue process in the Amazon Basin ", which was supported by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) in Puerto Maldonado, no Peru, no end of August.

They participated in the mining action of Sustainable Development Reserves (Reserve) do Rio Madeira e do Rio Amapá, who visited a small scale mining company located in the channel of the Rio Madre de Dios. The action included the organization and support of the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), Peruvian Environmental Law Society (SPDA) and FAS, to promote the exchange of challenges and solutions on the topic.

"The goal was to generate exchange of experiences, opinions and learning of miners and mining companies committed to formalizing and good practices in the Amazon basin and identify possible solutions to mining communities of the Amazon Basin ", He explained the project technical supervisor of FAS Innovative Solutions program, Gabriela Sampaio.

according to Sampaio, the extractive identified differences in ore extraction between countries and compared extraction techniques. "It was a valuable experience, especially for small-scale miners in Brazil, because, from the workshop, they were able to identify the prospects, visions and challenges miners face when trying to perform a compatible mining to sustainable development of communities, in addition to understanding the differences between countries ", stressed.

The miner Marcos Paulo Barros, Community of Madeira region, It was one of the Brazilians who participated in the visitation to mining in Peru. He, the main difference is in the impact caused to nature. "We visited an area of ​​mineral exploration and what we perceive is the impact generated by them in the region. They can destroy a considerable area and also the recovery of the land occurs differently than we do on the Madeira River ", said.

According to the supervisor Gabriela Sampaio, one of the differences in ore extraction between countries is the workplace. "No Peru, Community start to open forests, often even primary, to mining and, consequently, deforest. In Madeira mining takes place in vessels, where the miners also live, while in Peru the workplace is simple and rudimentary ", explicou.

Ore extraction

As a result of the visit and the workshop to Puerto Maldonado mining, It should be produced a journalistic document with the perception of mining extractive on activities in Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

"Artisanal and small-scale mining is different in the three countries. The idea of ​​meeting was to see how is this mining in different aspects, oversight and legislation in these countries and how, indeed, mining is done on a small scale ", said Gabriela Sampaio.

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