Hotels in Rio Negro launch special package for long weekend in October

20 September 2018 - Actions receiving support from the Amazon Fund / BNDES, Coca-Cola and Bradesco


The lodges located in the Rio Negro communities, inserted in the Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve), They launched a promotional package for tourists who wish to enjoy the holiday of prolonging 12 October (Day of Our Lady of Aparecida). To provide programs to the Community Base Tourism (TBC), in addition to hosting are included in the transfer package, feed, local guide and sightseeing.

The package is for days 12/13 until 14 October. Upon purchase tourists may opt for a room in one of three hostels participants of the action: Pousada Garrido, community Tumbira; Pousada Rio Negro or Vista Pousada Toca do Tatu, St. Helena in the community of English.

The output for the communities will take place on 12/10, Marina of David, in Tarumã, West zone, at 8:30 am. The trip duration is, about, 1H15. Return to Manaus is planned for the 14h of the day 14/10.

Conceived by the Pousada Garrido, the package stop community tourism for the holiday of October has regional breakfast, lunch on the beach, River bath and waterfall. The individual package costs $ 400 (and 50% through bank deposit and the rest on arrival). The package does not include beverage and communities will trade in handicrafts made by the Community's own.

Information can be obtained directly from the Community: Roberto Brito (92) 99146-4667 (Whatsapp) Laish and Garrido (bond and Whatsapp).