artistic campaign warning about the pollution in the World Day of the Rivers

1 of October of 2018 - Under renowned photographers lenses, weight models team incarnated Amazon enchanted universe of beings to raise awareness against littering habits in waterways

Victor Fasano embodies the legendary Amazonian creature Snake Honorato, in the Tiririca community, located in the city of Novo Airão (Photo: Rodrigo Tomzhinsky)

More than 8 billion metric tons of plastics and synthetic waste is produced in the last 50 years on Planet Earth. Much dumped in streams, rivers and seas. This is the warning made by mobilizing "Clean Rivers for Clean Seas", launched from this weekend, in Manaus, by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) in order to sensitize the population to change habits of littering in waterways. The action is supported by the UN Environment.

Through a dramatic photographic essay, and under the sensitive lens of four renowned photographers - Bruno Kelly, Rodrigo Tomzhinsky, Maiara Gonçalves and Matheus Belém - a team of four activists models, Also Weight, incarnated mystical and enchanted beings of the deep Amazon to raise awareness against the pollution of streams, rivers and seas. A Miss Brasil 2018, the Amazon Mayra Dias, It was the Black River Ninfa, actor and environmentalist Victor Fasano, conselheiro da FAS, Cobra represented Honorato, a performer e drag Amazon Uýra Sodom energy of chaos and the teacher, craftsman and riverside leader Izolena Garrido Mother D'Water.

From the last Sunday (30), and for the next three weekends of October, a new photo shoot is released and the mystical characters take center stage of the campaign against the pollution of rivers. “The pollution of streams, rivers and seas would remove the life of all food chains. It's needed, through demonstrations calling attention so that we can reduce to zero the waste that goes from the river to the sea, and for society to take action not only in waste generated, but contribute avoiding the consumption of plastics and straws, a threat to our own kind ", explains the actor Victor Fasano.

He, the leader of environmental education agenda FAS, Maiara Gonçalves and Emerson Bridges, biologist who serves as art educator in NGO and gives life to the Amazon drag Uýra Sodom, one of the campaign models, They thought together throughout the project from the beginning. "The goal is to bring the eyes of society a serious problem and it has been invisible: pollution and death of the waters that surround our lives. As we thought it? Bring a picture of this polluted river, and a picture of that real and supernatural force that exists related to rivers. So we call these four enchanted beings of the Amazon as a representation of that force and real life supernatural present in the rivers of the Amazon ", explicou.

The pictures, produced at different times between the months of June to September this year, and local scenarios where there is water pollution, as urban streams of Manaus and in riverside communities beaches, They will be placed in public spaces of the capital of Amazonas arrival and rivers output, Marine and river ports as. "They are points of arrival and departure of rivers, places of wide circulation and transit of people like Marina David, the port of Manaus Modern and the port of Ceasa ", said Emerson Bridges / Uýra Sodom.

enchanted beings

One of the campaign activists is Miss Brazil Be Emotion 2018 Mayra Dias, Amazonas and FAS ambassador in environmental protection. She embodied the Black River Ninfa, a being jovial and natural entity "black river" delicate as flowers found on the banks of the Rio Negro and tough as the strength of banzeiros. The test with Mayra was photographed by Bruno Kelly in Praia do Illuminated, community of Tumbira, within the Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Rio Negro, in the municipality of Iranduba, and will be released next week.

The actor and environmentalist Victor Fasano, FAS advisor and ambassador of the Pro-species project at the foundation, He represented the character Cobra Honorato. Photographed by Rodrigo Tomzhinsky on an island in the Tiririca community, in the city of Novo Airão, the actor gave life to the Lord's protection and kindness inhabiting the river bottom and fighting for a more just and healthy nature. he warns: "Your waste water and kills yourself". The test aired Sunday (30).

Already the drag queen Uýra Sodom, lived by biologist and art educator Emerson Bridges, symbolized the chaos of life with gaping garbage and waste dumped in streams. Under the lens of photographer Matthew Belém, Uýra pollution is crying in pain, useless drinking water, cooking or bathing, the dirty water waste. Within the polluted urban stream of St. George, the St. George neighborhood, West Zone of Manaus, Uýra questions: "This is how we want the world"?

Community leader, educator and artisan Izolena Garrido, It was photographed by biologist Maiara Gonçalves, the banks of the Rio Negro, near the Tumbira community, where he was born. Izolena incorporated Mother D'Water, which is the mother of all that lives in water. Lady of Peace and health, It is protective but also punishes.


Formed by four different photo shoots, each with models, photographers and distinct mystical characters, the campaign "Clean Rivers for Clean Seas", FAS with the UN Environment, It was launched symbolically on Saturday (29), along with cleaning the stream of Tarumã during the event Cry D'Água, the floating Abare SUP and FOOD, on the edge of West Manaus, and mobilization for World Day of the Rivers, which is celebrated on Sunday (30).