Course on Payment for Environmental Services in Manaus has open enrollment

14 of October of 2018 - Philip Fearnside (Inpa), Eduardo Viola (UNB), Henrique dos Santos Pereira (I trust) e Carlos Eduardo Young (UFRJ) They are among teachers

Course has day activities in Tumbira community, at Rio Negro Negro | Photo: Caio Palazzo

Discuss strategies on how to pay for environmental services in the Amazon and the transfer of resources to those who help conserve nature and reduce the effects of climate change are among the goals of the second edition of the course "Opportunities for Amazon in the context of payments for environmental services ", What happens in the coming days 25, 26 until 27 October in the capital of Amazonas. Registration is open and vacancies are limited.

Theoretical classes, speeches, roundtables and visit the riverside community Tumbira, Rio Negro Reserve of Social Development, They are included in the course program, which is promoted by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) in partnership with the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM) and the Secretary of State for the Environment (SEMA).

At the time, participants will be invited to discuss the role of the Amazonian social actors in front of nature conservation to climate change and using the strategies payments for environmental services (PES). Among other ongoing supporters are the National Institute for Research in the Amazon (Inpa), Institute for Conservation and Sustainable Development of Amazonas (Idesam), the Amazonian Forum on Climate Change and State Council for the Amazon Environment.


Course worshipers are Henrique dos Santos Pereira (I trust), Philip Fearnside (Inpa), Eduardo Viola (UNB), Eduardo Taveira (FAS), isabele Goulart (Idesam), Carlos Eduardo Young (UFRJ), Valcléia Solidade (FAS), Vanylton Santos (FAS), Victor Salviati (FAS) and Gabriela Sampaio (FAS), as well as community leaders during the visit on field.

The lectures take place at the FAS headquarters, in Manaus, The red Alvaro Braga, number 351, Ten Park neighborhood, Zona Centro-Sul, days 25 until 26, Thursday and Friday. The visit in the field Tumbira community and the Conservation and Sustainability Center (CSC) Agnello Bittencourt, Rio Negro Reserve of Social Development, , in the municipality of Iranduba, metropolitan region of Manaus, It takes place on Saturday, 27 October. The total workload is 16 hours.

Among the course of the discussion points are the importance of the Amazon for the global climate; deforestation in the region; the role of Brazil and the Amazon in the international political economy of climate change; funding; the National Climate Change Plan; payment for environmental services and REDD +; public policy and other.

Registration and jobs

Registration for the course follow open and can be made via e-mail You must submit brief professional resume of no more than two pages, a letter of intent participant and the payment of R $ 35 for the costs of travel in the field and feed. Places are limited and aimed at environmental specialists, public managers, members of environmental organizations, community leaders, indigenous and university.

What is PSA

Payment for environmental services (PES) is a compensation strategy to entities and communities that help maintain and preserve the environment in a sustainable manner. PSA is transferred monetary resources or other incentives to stakeholders who work directly in preserving nature. The concept of the PSA not just fining those who pollute the environment, but also reward those who keeps standing forests and clean rivers.