Delivery of arapaima: fish bought in online store is now delivered to the consumer's home

26 of October of 2018 - Partnership between FAS and Onisafra launches online sale of exclusive service managed Arapaima the Middle Solimões, with the delivery of the product directly to the customer's residence

Arapaima management happens in managed lakes | Photo: Clovis Miranda

Starts Friday (26) and goes to the next Tuesday (30) the new period of online sales of arapaima managed in the Middle Solimões region in the virtual store Onisafra. There are dozens of fish coming from lakes and rivers of the Amazon management that can be purchased online, using credit card and without queuing, and a novelty: the exclusive delivery service, where the fish are delivered to the customer's home.

The online sale of the fish is only possible through a partnership between the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) e startup Onisafra, which already provides sales service regional products over the Internet, like fruits and vegetables. The virtual store dedicated to arapaima ends up being more a channel that lets you to the table of tasty Amazonian Amazonian fish management, which benefits both the consumer, it has the ease and convenience of buying virtually, as the fishermen themselves, who get all the profit from sales.

Virtual Store fish are marketed in three different combos, along with the flour Uarini "The Riverside", and are the same sold in physical trade in FAS headquarters, namely, pirarucus are produced in management areas within the Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Mamirauá, Fonte Boa, a 678 kilometers from Manaus, by FAS Income Generation Program, with support from the Amazon Fund / BNDES and Institute Mamirauá.

How to buy online?

To buy arapaima in the virtual store consumers need to enter the arapaima tab on the site Onisafra, request the amount and the desired fish parts between the three combos available and checkout paying credit card - the physical trade is accepted only cash.

The three combos available are the "Basket Pora", that comes with 3 kilograms of ventrecha pirarucu and 1 kilogram flour Uarini "The Riverside", ao custo de R$ 49,90; the combo "Basket Tarrafa", with 2 kg fillet arapaima, 2 kg of tuna and 1 kg of flour at the price of R $ 79,90; and the combo "Açu Basket", with 4 kg fillet and arapaima 1 kg of flour to by R $ 99,90.

After the purchase made, the consumer will only need to wait for the fish to get home, frozen and treated, with deliveries scheduled for the day 31 October, from 08h to 12h30. Furthermore, to the 25 first people who make a purchase of arapaima managed on the site Onisafra the delivery will go free.

physical fair arapaima

For those who prefer to choose live fish before you buy it there is the option of going on the physical trade in FAS headquarters, which has already been given to happen: next Thursday (1), Holiday Eve. There will be five tons of fresh and arapaima 800 kg dry pirarucu. The pieces and the prices range from $ 5 casting kilo, R$ 14 a kilo of ventrecha, R$ 15 a kilo of whole blanket and R $ 18 a kilo of fillet. The FAS is on the street Alvaro Braga, 351, Ten Park neighborhood, Zona Centro-Sul de Manaus.

Any sale of the management of Arapaima RDS Mamirauá, both in the physical fair as in the virtual store, Ibama has authorized and the Secretary of State for the Environment (Sema), with support from FAS Income Generation Program, por meio do Fundo Amazônia/BNDES. Sales help to stimulate fisheries managed in protected areas and generate income for fishing families not require middlemen acting and distributors, giving total profit to riverside.

Fair Chef Caboclo

The arapaima managed the Mamirauá RDS will also be present at the Fair Chef Caboclo, a gastronomic festival that takes place in Manaus in the coming days 3 until 4 November with support from the Amazon Association of Food and Entrepreneurs (AAGE). There will be physical and selling pirarucu, clear, tasting tasty arapaima at least 20 different dishes of Amazonas chefs.


O Country: online sale of arapaima managed the RDS Mamirauá

When: 26 a 30 October

Where: Virtual Store Onisafra, no site