Fair sustainable arapaima the Middle Solimoes takes place in Manaus on Friday (5)

3 of October of 2018 - People can buy directly from the fishermen as fillet pieces, ventrecha and manta. Action contributes to managed fisheries and generating income for families.


The management of Arapaima in protected areas (UC) Amazon is, today, one of the most important activities for sustainable development and income generation from riverside communities in the state. The fish derived from these activities, including, already comes to the table of the Amazonian arapaima through fairs promoted by fishermen in partnership with the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) and Amazon / BNDES Fund.

Friday (5), from 7am, It happens one more edition of the fair, na established by FAS, in the street Alvaro Maia, 351, Ten Park neighborhood, in South-Central Zone of the capital organized by the Association of Residents and Users of Mamirauá Reserve (Amurmam) com apoio da FAS. They will be sold, by fishermen, pirarucus coming from rivers and lakes located within the Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Mamirauá, in rural Fonte Boa, a 678 kilometers from Manaus, in the Middle Solimões region.

Arapaima parts like housing, ventrecha and steak cuts are available at prices of US $ 5, R$ 14 and R$ 18, respectively. The sale of fish directly with the fishermen helps to stimulate the growth of managed fishing within the protected areas and generates direct income families, not require intermediaries acting and distributors. Any winnings of Arapaima trade at the fair is with fishermen, stimulating fair trade and community empowerment.

Furthermore, all the action is permitted by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama) and the Secretary of State for the Environment (Sema), with support of the Bolsa Floresta (BPF), por meio do Fundo Amazônia/BNDES.

Pirarucu ‘online’

In addition to traditional physical fair arapaima in FAS, the passionate taste of Amazonian fish now have a novelty, a channel to buy arapaima directly with fishermen. It is the virtual store arapaima, which will also be released on Friday (5) through a partnership between the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation and the startup Onisafra.

That's right. Through the Internet, on the site Onisafra, where it already operates an online store for sale of regional products such as fruits and vegetables, a channel will be available to sell arapaima. The customer accesses the site, requesting the desired amount of pirarucu, makes the purchase on a credit card and withdraw the goods in place and marked date. The bridge between the client, the Onisafra and fishermen is made by FAS. Learn more at site.




O Country: FAS Pirarucu Fair

When: Friday, 5 October, from 7am

Where: Street Alvaro Maia, 351, Ten Park neighborhood, na Zona Centro-Sul