Institutions formalize alliance to promote the bio-economy in the Amazon

6 of October of 2018 - The goal is to develop a cooperation program aimed at scientific research, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in the Amazon

alliance members gathered this week at the FAS headquarters - Photo Izamir Barbosa

Amazon institutions announced this week the creation of an alliance to search, Development, Innovation & entrepreneurship (PDI&And) Bioeconomy focused on the Amazon.

The protocol of intent was signed by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), the Amazonas State universities (UEA) Federal and Amazonas (I trust), the Federal Institute of Education, Ciência e Tecnologia do Amazonas (Ifam), Institute Leonidas & Maria Deane (Fiocruz Amazon),o Centro de Educação Tecnológica do Amazonas (Cetam) and the Secretary of State for the Environment (Sema).

The alliance hopes to add more members, different areas, Public and private support for the creation of strategies for resources and implementation of bio-economy projects, a sustainable economy from raw material available in nature.

The union of the institutions aims to develop a mutual cooperation program, with activities related to scientific research, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in business developed from the value chains sociobiodiversity or bio-economy.

The initiative has the challenge of contributing to the diversification of the regional economy, focusing on the valuation of Amazon biodiversity assets, generation of employment and income in rural and urban areas, improving the quality of life of traditional and indigenous populations and environmental conservation, with the backdrop of the Goals of Sustainable Development (SDSN).

"This initiative has a strategic character to the challenge of boosting the bio-economy of the Amazon, through an alliance that favors the institutions of PDI&And the State. FAS for this initiative is an important part of our mission to make the forest worth more standing than cut, contributing to improving the quality of life of coastal and indigenous populations and environmental conservation of the Amazon ", explains the general superintendent of FAS, Virgilio Viana.

Among the planned activities, stand out design from PDI strategy&And for the production chains in the state bioeconomics, for resources to (refundable and non-refundable) and the development of a partner ecosystem to implement the strategy of PDI&And the production chains.

The group will also seek to form building human and social capital, combining traditional knowledge and technical-scientific knowledge to implement the strategy of PDI&And in local supply chains, the production and dissemination of knowledge about supply chains and co-creation of an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship, through an effective institutional arrangement.

federal higher education institutions adhere

The Rector of UFAM, professor. Sylvio Puga, It points out that "the formation of this alliance between loved research, Amazonas State education and development, It makes clear the new ripening air, modernity and update our institutions management practices. Certainly this Alliance will contribute massively to the improvement of the people of our region and thereby UFAM feels committed in fulfilling its institutional mission ", comments.

According to Antonio Venancio, Rector of the IFAM, "Act in this initiative is an important step in the consolidation of partnerships that provide the IFAM give their share of contribution in the development of research and of our state economy, mainly due to its strong presence on the inside ".

Fiocruz, CETAM and UEA also participate

According Sergio Luz, director of Fiocruz Amazon, "This alliance aims, especially, develop institutional actions that leverage traditional knowledge and biodiversity to the Amazon, along with the local population, turn them into products and technologies that can benefit the Amazonian, income generation, improving the quality of life, in health promotion and environmental conservation ".

For the CEO of CETAM, José Augusto de Melo Neto, "The Alliance will bring economic development and social empowerment for traditional communities. The CETAM cares to foster economic development, but also aggregate and disseminate sustainability in the Amazon, through economic alternatives that respect local productive vocations, and encourage social empowerment ".

For the president of the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA), Cleinaldo Costa, the presence of educational institutions in the Bioeconomy area is still shy, but the consolidation of the alliance with the major local institutions is important so that one can draw a future of development in the Bioeconomy area and entrepreneurship in the Amazon. "This will be reflected in higher quality research, more jobs, an economic production chain in biotechnology and Bioeconomics. Therefore the institutions are together adding value, intelligence, and more quality in the area of ​​the Amazon ", evaluates.

Also according Costa, this alliance is the union of institutions with entrepreneurial vision and innovation technology focusing on Amazon bioeconomy. "First of all, It is very important to understand the strategy in research and development, innovation and entrepreneurship in the productive chain of the bio-economy for the state of Amazonas. In this case, these partnerships, with the union of institutions and higher education, besides the FAS, add more quality, intelligence, bring new market views, public, public and private actions and strengthen the bio-economy. This is aimed at developing cooperation, You will also leverage scientific research, technology, innovation and development in the Amazon ".

For the holder of Sema, Marcelo Dutra, "The alliance is an important step for the future of the bioeconomy in the Amazon".