LAST CHANCE: Award Turn Manaus recognize initiatives for the good of the city

25 of October of 2018 - Three initiatives will receive support from FAS and Impact Hub. Registration is open until the day 4 November


A segunda edição do Prêmio Vire Manaus tem como principal objetivo apoiar iniciativas de organizações ou pessoas que melhorem significativamente a cidade rumo ao desenvolvimento sustentável. Any citizen or institution can sign up for free 4 November, in an announcement available on the internet.


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A co-creation of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) and Impact Hub Manaus, Prize to recognize the three actions or projects, we can continue 10 categories associated with the objectives of Sustainable Development (SDSN), of the United Nations (UN):

tourism – urban routes, periphery tourism, Visibility, education;

Sport – cooperative games, local tournaments, Popularization of sport, education;

Gastronomy – Food Reuse, real food, regional appreciation, education;

Culture – appreciation of local culture, fairs, teatro, music, education culture;

Saúde – sanitation, waste, preventive medicine, health education;

Public spaces – urban mobility, squares, parks, education for public spaces;

Meio environment – water, urban green fragments, sanitation, education;

Zen – self knowledge, quality of life and personal development;

Education – new technologies, inclusion and social transformation;

Diversity – of gender, breed, social class and other.

Registration will be open until the day 4 November 2018 and must be made by completing the online form. The initiative first winner will receive an amount of R $ 2.000,00 to invest in the best manner appropriate to the project; projects which remain in second and third place will receive professional training courses to hone their activities. The initiatives will be evaluated by a committee of experts from various sectors.


Confira or full edital!

Submit your idea!


The awards will be held in the first fortnight of November 2018. To participate, initiatives should be running and must have clarity in the presentation of ideas, the potential impact and replicability / project's capacity to mobilize Manaus. All winners will have a space for exchanging experiences in launching the Sustainable Turnaround 2019.

More information can be obtained by email or by phone 4009-8900 (FAS) until 3236-0658 (Impact Hub)



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