Course that promotes sustainable journey ten days in the Amazon is with open enrollment

3 the November the 2018 - Expected to take place in February 2019, the Day Amazon allows students and professionals from various fields a deep immersion in the forest and riverside everyday in the region

Course promotes immersion in the Amazon communities

Live for ten days in a riverside community in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, learn from locals traditional knowledge about caring for nature, forest and the river, and discuss strategies and solutions to develop the region in a sustainable way are some of the objectives of the Day Amazon 2019, a pioneering course that is with open enrollment, which allows students and professionals from different areas a unique experience in the Amazon.

Expected to take place between days 7 until 17 February next year, the second edition of the course brings together experts in Amazon RDS and residents of Rio Negro to discuss and learn sustainability in practice. The course starts in Manaus, Capital of Amazonas, and continues in Tumbira community, located within the Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Rio Negro, in the municipality of Iranduba, about 80 kilometers of the urban environment.

The program is divided into three areas: systemic, with a global vision of sustainability, Amazon and community development; Community, promoting the relationship of the local community and the community of participants; and personal, where participants exchange knowledge and reflect on their individual relationship with the themes. During the day the students taking the course and at night they are staying in collective accommodations in the Community Tumbira.

The purpose of the journey is to value traditional knowledge, having bordering among teachers. Among the teachers of the Day Amazon 2019 They are community leader and artisan Izolena Garrido, Community of Tumbira; the entrepreneur and community leader Roberto Brito Tumbira; the young collective member in Carão Odenilze Ramos community; the inhabitant of Tumbira and knowledgeable of the riverside wisdom Terezinha Macedo; the general superintendent of FAS and expert on Amazon, climate change and forest management, Virgilio Viana; the professor and environmental expert and accounting São Paulo José Roberto Kassai; and others being defined.

The Journey Amazon is part of Amazon-Edu, a focused platform for experiential education for sustainable development in the Amazon, where courses are offered to individuals and organizations through field work, case studies and exchange of knowledge among traditional communities and experts. The whole process of learning is designed by a team of facilitators who will also act in the course. Ao final, those interested in creating and deploying solution projects for the region can draw a proposal together with FAS.

How to Apply

To participate in the Day Amazon 2019 stakeholders can be in any area of ​​operation, must be at least 18 years and make registration on the site Although it happens in the middle of the Amazon forest, one place surrounded by natural beauty, the course is not intended to be a tour, but an immersion into local reality in all a learning process. course on participation and hosting costs are passed on in the registration act.

Comunidade Tumbira

Located in the municipality of Iranduba, about 80 kilometers from Manaus, within the Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Rio Negro, Tumbira community gathers about 40 families that maintains traditional knowledge and practices, at the same time, develop sustainable actions for the region through projects and programs coordinated by FAS and with support from the Bank Amazon / BNDES.


O Country: Day Amazon 2019

When: 7 a 17 February 2019

Where: Manaus (AM) and community Tumbira, in the municipality of Iranduba