Ambassador of Canada in Brazil visit sustainable project in the neighborhood of Redemption, in Manaus

29 the November the 2018 - Delegation that also includes rapper Samian and Canadian photographer visit Reusa Project, that empowers women through sustainable crafts and adds Venezuelan refugees. The initiative receives Government of Canada's support


The ambassador Canadá, Riccardo Savone, visit the Amazon on Thursday (29) to know the "Reusa", sustainable project developed in the outskirts of the community of the district Redemption, in the Central West Zone of Manaus. Na visit, open to the press, the ambassador will visit the headquarters of Reusa Project, receiving support from the Government of Canadá, through the Fund Canadá for Local Initiatives (Cuius-fcil), and which is coordinated by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS).

O Reusa, Ecological Restoration Program and Sustainable Urbanization in the Amazon, It aims to develop a low-cost solution for ecological restoration and sustainable urbanization urban communities of high social, environmental and economic vulnerability in the Amazon, and has Canadian government support. The headquarters of Reusa is on the street St. Vincent de Paul, s/n, district Redemption.

There, actions are developed that empower women, through traditional cuisine and sustainable crafts, with the use of recycled materials, and that aggregate Venezuelan refugees. At the time, the community will receive training on entrepreneurship. The visit is scheduled for 16h.

The ambassador's entourage also includes rapper, Canadian photographer and multi-artist Samian, which has indigenous Algonquin, no Canadá.

Before visiting the Reusa Project, they visit the indigenous community Three States, on Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Rio Negro, in the municipality of Iranduba, a 37 kilometers from Manaus.

Fund for Local Initiatives

The Fund Canadá for Local Initiatives (CFLI) It provides direct funding assistance to local non-governmental organizations and, in exceptional cases, international NGOs and government institutions.

Funding this year is for projects that address gender equality, empowerment of women, democratic governance, human rights, climate change, sustainable development, security and stability, inclusive economic growth, as well as other gifts interests in government agendas of Canadá.


O Country: visit of ambassador Canadá, Riccardo Savone, to Brazil to meet Reusa Project, developed by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) a community on the outskirts of Manaus

When: Thursday, 29 November, at 16h

Where: headquarters Reusa Project, on the street St. Vincent de Paul, district Redemption, Zone Midwest Manaus, with free access to the press

Information: (92) 4009-8913