Entrepreneurs supported by Foot in Forest Notice participate in exchanging experience in Manaus

13 the November the 2018 - Participants of income generation projects supported by FAS share entrepreneurial community practices, sustainable development and environmental conservation

Event takes place on Tuesday (13) in Manaus | Photo: Felipe Irnaldo

How to strengthen the local economy of a riverside community; what strategies to achieve drain the rural production of small farmers; as providing investment social infrastructure in an isolated indigenous community… These and other questions are topics discussed on Tuesday (13), in Manaus, during the First Seminar Good Practices in Forest Foot Notice, performed by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) at its headquarters, Rua Álvaro Braga, 351, Park 10 November.

Facing the audience that develops initiatives supported by Foot in Forest Notice, por meio do Fundo Amazônia/BNDES, the event acts as a recycling of knowledge and exchange of experiences and challenges between project executors. When all, representatives 17 enterprises will be divided into groups presenting the advances and challenges and receiving skills to solve common problems.

"This is our first seminar and the goal is that they can present what were your main difficulties experienced, how they overcame these difficulties and what lessons learned to continue in the project. In that, there will be an exchange between them, so that they learn from each other ", Souza explained Mickela, coordinator of the foot in Forest Notice.

Created 2017 column FAS, the notice received 181 registrations, evaluated by an independent committee that selected the 17 able to receive the contributions of the bank. Investments revolved around R $ 150 thousand for each project.

The event program includes presentations of projects, group dynamics, share challenges, time for questions and training of best practices. Among the seminar participants are projects on family farming, environmental responsibility, fisheries, production chain acai, flow production and marketing of poultry, community-based entrepreneurship, solid waste, and others.

Producing as Edna Rocha, the Farmers Association of National Forest (FLONA) Tefé. Contributed to the resource, Community strengthened tourism actions, opening trails and Maintaining other, and improving marketing to marketing packages.

"The money has helped us to invest in ever dreamed, which is working with tourism in the Solimões. From this we are seeing improvements in making, how to improve our business more, so we can make the investment worth it and return to the community in the form of income ", explains Edna.

The fisherman is the Queiroz Raymond Colony Z-23 Fisherman, Alvaraes. The logistics investments made possible by the announcement has help benefit some 180 people who work with the management of Arapaima. "The idea is to face the logistical challenge, causing fishermen to facilitate transporting the production and make the money go into the hands of fishermen. Many challenges and we are here to hear from colleagues how we can improve as well ", comments.

The expectation is that three seminars take place on the same theme of shared learning. "We hope that the seminar will actually provide this great time of learning among them, interaction and we get to the end that they already view the next steps, which is effectively the entire production and marketing scale ", completed Mickela.