FAS is among the best NGOs in Brazil for the second consecutive year

6 the November the 2018 - Foundation competed with 1700 organizations from various regions of Brazil

FAS employees celebrated award on Monday (05) | Photo: Felipe Irnaldo

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) figure for the second year in a row among the best non-governmental organizations in Brazil, according to Award Best NGO 2018, conducted by the Institute Donate. Over 1700 institutions registered, The contest recognizes organizations around the country that are characterized by transparency and management in their performances, a joint assessment with the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV-SP).

This is the second year that the FAS is among the best: the Foundation was considered the best NGO in northern Brazil 2017. The year also marks the 21th audit approved without reservation by Pricewaterhouse & Coopers (PwC), made repeated for the 10th straight year.

"This award recognizes all that is being done for the benefit of coastal communities, the challenge is to bring projects and new perspectives to the most remote communities in the Amazon and contribute to keeping the forest standing ", said the president of the FAS the Board of Directors, Benjamin Sicsú.

Participated in the contest institutions from all regions of Brazil, between charities, civil society organizations, institutes and philanthropic foundations. They were covered by the initiative 100 institutions, according to the evaluation criteria as cause and action strategy, responsibility, management, financing, communication and accountability.

"This achievement is something that fills us with joy and motivation to keep working toward developing and implementing solutions for sustainable development in the Amazon. It is geared towards our employees, partners and beneficiaries mainly, who value standing forests through sustainable initiatives ", explains the general superintendent of FAS, Virgilio Viana.

completing 10 years 2018, FAS is to contribute to environmental conservation through the Amazon forest valuation standing, biodiversity, and improving quality of life of forest peoples.

For this, implements actions in traditional communities and indigenous Amazon, leading income generating initiatives in a sustainable manner, community empowerment, improvement of quality of life, health and education, as well as knowledge about the importance of sustainable development for coastal communities. Together with various partners, about benefits 40 a thousand people.

The complete list of NGOs is disonível site www.melhores.org.br