Gastronomic fair has tasting arapaima and free shows Nunes Filho and David Assayag this weekend in Manaus

1 the November the 2018 - The 1st Fair Chef Caboclo takes place this Saturday (3) and sunday (4) at the headquarters of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) with long program that includes sales of parts of arapaima, lectures and dishes from R $ 5


The managed pirarucu of the Middle Solimões region, do interior do Amazonas, It is one of the protagonists of the 1st Gastronomic Fair Chef Caboclo, which takes place this weekend, Saturday (3) and sunday (4), in Manaus, with programming that includes sales of parts of arapaima, tasting of the Amazonian fish and free musical acts as Nunes Filho singers and David Assayag.

Promoted by Amazon Association of Food and Entrepreneurs (AAGE), com apoio da Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (FAS) and fishermen's associations of Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Mamirauá, the gastronomic festival will feature the best of Amazonian cuisine, in addition to lectures and classes show with experts and fair alternative products. The event also has free admission and will take place from 10h to 22h at the FAS headquarters, The red Alvaro Braga, 351, Parque Dez.

The dishes available to the public during the event will cost prices ranging from R $ 5 a R$ 20 and they are signed by the chefs Claudio Procopio, Dede Parente, Debora Valente, Tito Silveira, Fulvio Port, José Souza and Pius Hall. But the singer's show David Assayag has scheduled time for Saturday (3), às 20h, and the presentation of Nunes Filho is Sunday (4), Also at 20h.

The program includes also show classes and lectures. No sábado (3), from 10 am to 11 am, It happens to show class on Amazon and Para cooking with chefs Deborah Valente and Manu Andrade. On the same day, from 14h to 15h, it's time for class show on Amazon drinks with sommeliers Poinho Augusto and Fulvio Port. Not Sunday (4), the chef Dede Parente lecture on rum and cuisine from 10am to 11am and journalist and artist Tatiana Sobreira speaking media and cuisine from 14h to 15h.

All managed Arapaima sold in the gastronomic festival and used in dishes of chefs receives authorization from Ibama and the Secretary of State for the Environment (Sema), as well as support from FAS Income Generation Program, through the Amazon Fund / BNDES and Institute Mamirauá. Sales of pirarucus contribute to stimulate managed fisheries in the Amazon Conservation Units and generates income to fishermen.

O Country: 1Th Gastronomic Fair Chef Caboclo
When: 3 until 4 November
Where: Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), Street Alvaro Braga, 351, Ten Park neighborhood, Zona Centro-Sul de Manaus
As: free