Coca-Cola Brazil Institute FAS and expand access to drinking water in riverine communities of Amazonas

19 the November the 2018 - By the end of November five riverside communities in the Amazon will have access to treated water through solutions […]

Water reached the taps of Santa Rita community | Photo: Dirce Quintino

By the end of November five riverside communities in the Amazon will have access to treated water through innovative solutions and self-sustaining, how systems powered by solar energy, implemented water + Access Alliance. The program, developed by Coca-Cola Brazil Institute in partnership with the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) and others 12 organizations, already operates in eight states. No Amazon, three communities are already benefiting from 2017.

The first of the new communities in the state to be awarded access to water, the next day 30, will be the community Santa Rita, located on Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Okay Piagaçu, em Beruri, town hall 173 kilometers from Manaus. The community has installed a system of supply and treatment of water will benefit 114 people.

The new system will receive maintenance and management of the residents, who will be trained for this. "Investment includes well drilling and installation of solar panels and a generator. Not to mention the distribution network and water tank for each house, for each resident. And if it happens a problem, break a bomb, themselves will be able to do maintenance, through training ", He explained Valcleia Solidade, coordinator of the Water + program access by FAS.

Currently, the partnership between Coca-Cola Brazil Institute and FAS brings clean water to over 200 people in three coastal communities in Amazonas State. The first to have access to clean water and supplies at home, still in 2017, were Solimõeszinhos communities, Maharaja and Tatulândia, located in RDS Puranga Conquest.

According to Rodrigo Brito, program coordinator at Instituto Coca-Cola Brazil, the program target with FAS in the Amazon is to impact more 492 families and 1164 people in ten other coastal communities of the state until April 2019.

"Water + Access Alliance arises from the observation of everyday life, along with local partners. A few kilometers of the operation or the point of sale to see if communities without drinking water. We can not be indifferent to this situation. Water is the DNA of our business and we are determined to create value beyond the borders of our factories and in our supply chain. Through this alliance we seek to enhance the access to water ecosystem in the country. We believe that we can use our penetration, expertise and vocation and contribute to more and more Brazilians have access to safe water and sustainable manner ", says Rodrigo Brito.

new communities

In RDS Black River be implemented with a water system network destruction and treatment, solar-powered, which will address 115 community people Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Communities Our Lady Aparecida, Our Lady of Nazareth and SantaSofia, located in the Extractive Reserve Catuá Ipixuna, They receive the same system. The number of beneficiaries in these localities reaches 127.

About the project

The Water Alliance + Access is an unprecedented alliance of some of the leading organizations dedicated to expanding access to clean water in a sustainable manner in rural and remote areas of Brazil. Encouraged and supported by Coca-Cola Brazil Institute, currently has the participation of partners like Fundación Avina, Instituto Trata Brazil, WTT (World-Transforming Technologies), SISAR Ceará, SISAR Piauí, Health and Happiness Project, Caritas Diocesan Fishing, ABES-ES, ASPROC, CPCD, Central Associations of Bahia and Amazonas Sustainable Foundation.