In addition to respiratory disease, burning in the Amazon can cause heart and neurological problems

6 the December the 2018 - pollution impacts caused by forest fires to human health were discussed during a meeting in Manaus. Goal is to create discussion agenda and propose recommendations to the government

In addition to the known respiratory disease caused by contact with the pollution from forest fires in the Amazon, the smoke of these fires can also cause heart and neurological problems to human health. It is the warning that was made during the workshop "Impacts of Pollution from Forest Fires in Public Health in the Amazon", which brought together environmental experts and health to discuss and propose solutions to the issue at the headquarters of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS).

One of these neurological problems is dementia, explained the doctor Euler Ribeiro, rector of the Open University of the Third Age (CAUSED), one of the seminar participants. "The cerebrovascular dementia, dementia, It is a consequence of cerebral anoxia, that is the lack of oxygen to the brain. If you do not have blood oxygenating the brain in high level brain cells die and sees a large brain decline; and inhalation of carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere because this anoxic ", said

Such contact with polluting gases coming from fires cause still the record champions and well-known respiratory problems, not to mention the contribution of this phenomenon to the rise in global temperature. According to the doctor and professor at the University of São Paulo (USP) Paulo Saldiva, such problems, including, They are more common in Amazonian populations.
"The cities in the Amazon will be the most affected by climate change. The people of the North and Northeast regions of the country will also feel more with rising temperatures, heat. This decreases the life expectancy, increases mortality and calls in hospitals due to the growth of the disease ", ressaltou seed, who attended the seminar directly from São Paulo, in video calling.

According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), life expectancy in the Amazon is the sixth lowest in Brazil. According to the latest figures released with last year's data show that people live to 72,1 years in the state, below the national average 76 years and longer life expectancy, which is in Santa Catarina, to 79,4 years.
“Life expectancy in the Amazon differ for less life expectancy of the Brazilian people and this has very large owing to the destruction of forests to fires. People live less. Children and the elderly are more susceptible to inhalation of these substances arising from the fires and that causes acute and chronic changes in the respiratory and cardiac systems that can lead to anticipation of finitude”, reinforced Euler Ribeiro doctor.

Discussion and recommendation

The seminar on the impacts of pollution from fires to human health is the first step in an agenda of debates and events on the topic. According to the general superintendent of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), in addition to promoting another seminar, Also at stake are the development of a project and the creation of a list of recommendations to be sent to the government.

"The important result of this event was to identify a way that we can make a series of actions over the next year. The first is to develop a project to deepen analysis of fire data and public health; the second is to do another seminar with enough density to meet the state of the art knowledge, not only in Manaus, but in Brazil and in the world. And the third is to create a set of recommendations to federal government agencies, state and municipal levels so that they can deal strategically with the theme of fires”, said.

Health and environment

The doctor Ilsa Valois Coelho, University Nilton Lins, He spoke of the importance of discussing the effects of pollution of burning to people's health. "The purpose of the event is to involve various aspects of environmental pollution. Fight fires is important, but it is also necessary to go against these new problems. In one of our studies contacted, for example, an increase in hospital and allergy problems caused by this smoke, not to mention that our damp climate favors also. So the discussion needs to be interdisciplinary ", said.

The director of the School of Health Sciences (THAT) University of the State of Amazonas (UEA), dentist Diego Regalado, He commented on the need to produce scientific studies to find solutions to the problems of burning human health. "After identifying these problems, solutions need to be raised and all the partners present here give support for these solutions are put into practice. There's a lot to be done and needs more discussion, involving more people ".

future actions

The realization of a next seminar on the topic is planned yet for the first half of 2019 the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS). "It is an issue that deserves increased attention due to the increased frequency of forest fires. Everything points to this worsening scenario in terms of climate change”, finished Virgilio Viana.