App launched in the Amazon takes early childhood care in the state

21 the December the 2018 - The Sustainable Chat, which was sponsored by Samsung, It was developed by ITN and help community workers in health in the interior of Amazonas state to care for children 0 a 6 year-old attended the Early Childhood program riverfront, Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS)

Application was developed to serve communities in the state | Photo: Rodrigo Silva

Take care in specialized health to local children of the Amazon is the main goal of the Early Childhood program riverfront (PIR), Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS), since 2013 enables community workers in health (ACS) in the state to provide basic health care and social assistance necessary for the growth and development of the "little people" in the Amazon river, children aged 0 a 6 years who live in rural communities. This is the period called the Early Childhood is the most vulnerable of their lives, critical time for the development of physical structures, psychological and social children

Through a partnership with Samsung and the Institute of Technology and North Business (ITN) , and in order to facilitate the work of these health workers in caring for children, It was released this week in Manaus application "Early Childhood riverfront", "PIR App", a scanned system available for desktop and mobile. O app, launched during the "Amazon Seminar for Early Childhood 'The Child in the Territory: A Commitment of All ' ", It brings together in a single application, in the palm, all information and forms in the Family Visitation Guide, a physical guide which is already used to guide and based on the work of the ACS in monitoring the first riverside childhood, from pregnancy, in the womb, through the birth, breastfeeding and even the course of growth.

The app acts as a digital and extended version of the Family Visitation Guide, made by FAS and in Susam 2016, and it should be made available to health workers from 2019.

"The interior of health workers face many challenges. Those who work within the state knows the difficulty of making health report. If you are looking for a basic unit to make reports, It faces rain, banzeiros, geographical distances. So the use of technology is fundamental ", said Manager Education Program, Health and FAS Citizenship, Anderson Mattos.

He, the app works even in offline mode, ou historian, without internet connection. "Together with Samsung and ITN have developed an app that turns the Family Visitation Guide in an offline digital platform. The health worker will making visits and fills the data in the application. If you have no internet at the time, automatically pick up when a network (the data) will lower the system. Reduces the cost of using paper, the cost of the error at the time of filling, gives agility and works even offline ", said Mattos.

An app for the Amazon

The developer of the Early Childhood riverfront application was the Institute of Technology and North Business (ITN). During the development process of the system, according to the president of the institution, Ronald da Silva, the biggest challenge was to create an app capable of operating in "Deep Amazon", in the most remote areas in the state, where access to the Internet or is limited or non-existent. "We surpassed the difficulty of working with offline technology and created an application that works light, So no computer, para desktop, as the mobile phone or tablet ", said.

According to Silva, the RIP application difference is that, addition to the existing contents of the Family Visitation Guide as reports and forms, the system has features gamificação. "The application has games that help agents, family and children to care about solving a problem. Facilitates learning of agents and family and, consequently, have positive results in the care of children ", said. "It also has the part of exclusive games for children and families, where they will learn while playing. "

Samsung was the one who sponsored the RIP of application development by applying the proceeds from the Informatics Law. According to the director of Institutional Relations Department of the company, Simone Scholze, invest in technology geared to the most vulnerable populations is a key role of business. "Samsung goes beyond products and constantly innovates with activities and services that promote technology as an agent to facilitate the lives of people. We are delighted to have contributed in the development of application, it has everything to help community workers at work "said.

Forward to be made available to the municipalities of Amazonas participants of the Early Childhood program riverfront in the first half of 2019, the application promises to speed up service healthcare to children 0 a 6 anos de idade. "Physical Family Visitation Guide will continue to exist, including the PDF version to be used also. And those interested can use the application ", Anderson finished, FAS.


It was during the Amazon Seminar for Early Childhood "The Child in the Territory: A Commitment to All ", held in the second (26) and Tuesday (27), in Manaus, that the Application was launched. This seminar aimed to facilitate exchange of knowledge and experiences on promoting the integral development of children in early childhood phase and present results of the partnership between the United Way Brazil and the Bernard van Leer Foundation and the Happy Child Program and the Early Childhood Program Manaus, developed in the state of Amazonas in the period 2016 until 2018. The FAS was co-organizer of the event.

Early Childhood

The project Early Childhood riverfront (PIR) It is developed in FAS since 2013 in order to give full assistance to the Amazonian children aged 0 a 6 year-old residents of riverside communities in the state. Since the beginning of the RIP, skills and training are made with community agents of the participating municipalities. Currently the RIP works in Maraã, New Aripuanã, Itapiranga and, more recently, in Tefé.

The FAS partners in implementing the program are the municipalities and the State Government through the Ministry of Health (Sesame); the Institute for the Development of Social Investment (Idis), Johnson with the financial support & Johnson, the Bernard Van Leer Foundation and Samsung Electronics da Amazônia Ltda.