FAS initiative Juma is featured event at COP 24, in Poland

11 the December the 2018 - positive results achieved through actions to combat deforestation, tackling poverty and enhancement of forest population will be presented at the conference to the UN Climate, held in Poland


From 2008 a 2016, deforestation within the protected areas (UC) Amazon declined 58% thanks to conservation efforts and recovery of the population living in the forest within these protected areas. This positive result, which directly contributes to reduction of climate change effects, It has been presented from Tuesday (11) at the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), or UN Climate Change Conference, a COP24, what is happening in Katowice, in Poland, from 2 December.

at the conference, which aims to prepare and adopt a package of decisions to ensure the full implementation of the Paris Agreement (entitled "rulebook"), world leaders and environmental experts and climate debate and decide the new direction of the planet to reduce global warming.

The solutions applied in the Amazon for this purpose will be presented by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) and the Solution Network for Sustainable Development in the Amazon (SDSN-Amazon).

These include initiatives, as well as reducing deforestation, generate quality of life and economic growth to the forest population, as forest management projects, compensation for issue of greenhouse gases and model of participatory management.

The first co-conducted by FAS event took place on Tuesday (11) a panel on sub-national experiences of Brazil and Peru in protected area management, synergistic strategies and climate financing.

In addition to these guidelines, promoting sustainable development projects, social involvement and environmental conservation as the experience in the Amazon, Project REDD + Juma, developed in the Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Reserve, which is municipality of Novo Aripuana, a 227 kilometers from Manaus, capital, They were shared to the participants of the public sector, private and third sector.

"One of the important points highlighted at the event is that FAS can gather private sector, companies such as Marriott International, funds financiers such as the Amazon Fund and government as the Amazonas State Government to, possibly with the specific communities and associations of this project residents and users of the Juma Reserve, develop a reserve management plan and implement that plan with private resources helps in the specific case of the Marriott, Bradesco and Samsung, and so, share with other countries these management models ", He explained the manager of the Institutional Development Program FAS, Victor Salviati.

At the end of the event, also after the presentation of the REDD + Indigenous Amazon (RIA), project implemented by National Association of Performers of the Agreement for Communal Reserves Management of Peru (ANECAP), a term of technical and institutional cooperation between the FAS and ANECAP was signed with the aim of generating a collaborative platform to design and seek solutions to the conservation of the Amazon rainforest.


Also on Tuesday (11) a SDSN Global (Sustainable Development Solutions Network), promotes dialogue between companies, government and academia on land use solutions, climate and reducing carbon use, where the FAS will make interventions on solutions aimed at climate issues can be scaled, addressing the role of business, public policy and civil society.

On Thursday (13), FAS also co-hold event, in partnership with the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS), this time on long-term strategies of the Brazilian government and the role of civil society and the business sector. "This proves and shows that the FAS is embedded in international agendas always doing this parallel between what happens in conferences subnational practical actions, which are implemented in the Amazon Protected Areas, thus bringing the importance of forest conservation for climate regulation ", He explained the technical supervisor of the FAS projects, Gabriela Sampaio.

COP 24

The United Nations Climate Change Conference has been going on since 2 December in Katowice, in Poland, bringing together world leaders and experts to discuss and exchange ideas on how to reduce the effects of climate change. After a week of panels with sample scientific study and exhibition of the latest data on global warming, the event enters the negotiation stage to reach an agreement on the rules to implement the Paris Agreement.