Horta as our school in Puna has no equal, by Lohana Carvalho

27 de February de 2019 - Material was published in the third issue of the Journal Reporters Forest, with support from Samsung and Amazon Fund / BNDES


By Lohana Carvalho, Reporter forest in Puna Community

During my work as a reporter Forest, I talked to your Almir, working in the Puna Community for six years. He had pride in his work in the garden, farming there all this time.

“We have a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, through chives, lettuce, passion fruit, lemon and acerola”, out.

How much has, boys love to catch every time pass by at the Center [Conservation and Sustainability Puna, that RDS Mamirauá], it has several things for the community”, told it.

All that is produced by Almir back to the dishes of the families of students. It is an endless cycle, thanks to the fertile land allows school.

Currently, study students from various communities in school, They can enjoy quality food.