Buildings around the world can help protect the Amazon

25 of March of 2019 - LEED certification of sustainable buildings anywhere in the world can benefit more from 9 Amazonian thousand families and help preserve the Amazon forest

Buildings in Manaus | Photo: André Pessoa

Real estate projects from anywhere in the world can support the financing of sustainable projects in the Amazon and receive LEED certification, international recognition for buildings committed to the environment. The unprecedented action is the result of a partnership between the Green Building Council Brazil (GBC Brazil), NGO responsible for LEED certification in the country, and the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), and should benefit 9 thousand families living in 16 Conservation Units (UC) State of Amazonas and 580 communities / traditional locations in the state.

Support for the conservation of the Amazon is through a donation to the FAS, proportional to the area of ​​the building certification, which can range from $ 0.05 by annual m² for existing buildings to $ 4.00 per square meter for new buildings. In exchange, construction receives one point in the certification of "green buildings" LEED, which can eventually mean the accreditation of the building certification. There are three categories: Basic, Talk, Gold or Platinum, as the score achieved (from 40 points, common certificate level, a 110 points, Platinum level).

These grants are totally aimed at concrete activities of environmental conservation and sustainable development of coastal communities of Amazonas state Conservation Units. This territory sum 10,9 millions of hectares (equivalent to the area of ​​Portugal).

Note that regardless of LEED certification, companies or citizens can contribute to the FAS via the website

According to Felipe Faria, Executive Director of GBC Brazil, the contribution of the green building movement proves its relevance and, today, by LEED or GBC CASA certification tool & CONDOMINIUM intended for residential sector, It is inserted an option for the restoration and preservation of the natural habitat, which includes investments in the Amazon rainforest, from projects run by FAS.

"Today, We have over 100 thousand buildings seeking LEED certification 167 countries and it is very important to relate this work in the cities with the preservation of forests and people living in areas that require special public services ", says executive. It's complete: "This initiative demonstrates that sustainability does not have borders and that everyone can contribute to the preservation and restoration of one of the greatest goods of humanity, The amazon forest."

The general superintendent of the FAS, Virgilio Viana explains that the entity has been highlighted in the national and international scene, with nine years of experience in implementing pioneers of income generation programs, improvement of quality of life and community empowerment.

"This partnership with the GBC is a historic opportunity to connect a sector that accounts for a significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions by reducing deforestation in the Amazon. This is a practice that should be adopted in a wider way, by different sectors and the fact that we have developed a mechanism for the construction sector has a very important historical symbolism. We hope to become a successful tool for both the building and for the fighting for the conservation of the Amazon forest. ", says Viana.