Norwegian Ambassador visit communities supported by the Amazon Fund in Rio Negro

11 by April of 2019 - Delegation composed of members of the embassy, government and the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) She met and interacted with community projects

Ambassador met the lower Rio Negro communities | Photo: Felipe Irnaldo

The Norwegian ambassador in Brazil, Nils Martin Gunneng, We visited on Tuesday and Wednesday, 09 until 10 April, communities of Rio Negro participants from the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation projects (FAS) com apoio do Fundo Amazônia. In addition to tracking the status of investments in income generation and community empowerment, the visit aimed to promote interaction with project beneficiaries, receiving support initiatives from 2010.

Besides the Ambassador, They joined the party executive secretary of the Amazon Environment, Luís Henrique Piva, the general superintendent of FAS, Virgilio Viana, e Bernardo Brown, the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES).

The delegation was in three communities of Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Rio Negro: Tumbira, St. Helena English and Saracá. in the first, Nils met Pousada Garrido, which is managed by Roberto Brito, former illegal logger who now lives sustainable tourism.

"The creation of reserves and projects have brought a new perspective to the people here in the community. We know that if we keep the forest where we live standing, a better future our children will have in the community. Everyone can follow this path, but they need support to generate income without deforesting, and that support from the Fund was crucial ", said Roberto.

The group also participated in immersion in a forest trail, attractive tourist prepared and guided by community. There, could interact with Jean Silva, working with the sustainable management of wood made possible by the Income Generation Program, which has support from the Fund. Since the beginning of the project, already were nine sustainable management plans developed in the reserve.

"Before we explored wood without imagining that could end, and now we learned that will just have wood in the future if we make an inventory, know the species and conserve ", explained Jean, which also operates in the fishing activity.

They were also visited the Charming Restaurant of Saracá, Saracá the community and the Vista Inn Rio Negro, St. Helena in the community of English. The projects help dozens of families as a source of income besides fishing, that is seasonal.

Raimunda Saracá, one of the restaurant managers, He emphasized the role of the projects in changing the outlook of comunidae. According to her, Community of life gained self-esteem and opened the door to tourists.

"Once we have the restaurant, community self-esteem back. Women have created a craft group, men work with fishing and we started to meet people outside here in the community ", highlights Saracá, who founded the community for over thirty years.

positive message to Norway

During a visit, Ambassador Nils Gunneng transferred to riverside positive vision he had of Amazon's actions for forest conservation. He, the state's population is the protagonist of the improvements towards the enhancement of biodiversity.

“We see that actually improved the lives of people in these 10 year project, and it is extremely valuable to Norway to see this growing field. The key is to see the people, people who take things forward, changing life, having a more sustainable, taking care of the forest they love. Our country wants to help and cooperate with Brazil ", said the ambassador.

The Amazonas Government representative, Executive Secretary of Sema, Luís Henrique Piva, He commented on the importance of coordination between different actors to promote conservation in protected areas of the state.

“It was interesting to see the composition of actors supporting the state of Amazonas to implement the policy of consolidation of protected areas. See a well-structured community, with its organized activities and a number of public services being implemented, of health, education, management and fishing. This is a model that we want to take to other areas of the Amazon, in partnership with other national and international organizations”, says the secretary.

For the general superintendent of FAS, Virgilio Viana, the visit had a historical character. "This visit is very symbolic because Norway and the Amazon Fund are historical supporters of conservation activities in areas where FAS works. Then be able to hear from the community who are having the return, and forward thinking that has, marks the success were the 10 first years of activities ", finished Viana.