Young athletes bordering Resex Catuá-Ipixuna win the 6th Olympics Forest

29 by April of 2019 - Participants were in 1st place in the overall picture with 21 medals. When all, more than 400 athletes from three counties and six delegations competed in various forms for two-day event

Photo: Dirce Quintino

Encouraging sports practice, strengthening social relations and empowerment of youth riverside living in protected areas (UC) Amazon results were the 6th Olympics Forest, competition met this weekend, in the municipality of Tefé, a 523 kilometers from Manaus, more than 400 young athletes from three counties and six offices in various sports. The winners were the riparian Extractive Reserve (Resex) Catuá-Ipixuna, who stayed in 1st place with 21 medals. 2nd and 3rd were athletes from Uarini, with 19 medals, and Maraã, also 19, but with less silver medals.

Coordinated by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), through the Comprehensive Development Program for Child and Adolescent Amazon Riverside (Dicara), the Olympics Forest were held for the first time in urban areas, within the city of Tefé, bringing together in one place 253 boys and 176 girls aged 12 a 17 years from six offices / locations both urban area and rural area. Delegations were Resex Catuá-Ipixuna; Maraã; RDS Anamã; Caimbé Jutica; Uarini and RDS Mamirauá. The event had the support of 11 institutions, including the Brazilian Army and the Municipality of Tefé.

"The sport activity combined with education for citizenship transforms lives. We have beautiful young testimony they could express themselves better, build dreams and, now, They start planning on how to turn those dreams into reality ", said the general superintendent FAS, Virgilio Viana. "It is an activity that seeks to FAS: taking care of children who are the future of the Amazon, and is the Amazon that will give the world hope to resist, perhaps, greatest threat to life, What is climate change. That's why the Olympics forest have this symbolism that goes beyond the sport itself, It has a global perspective ".

In addition to boosting the sport in the lives of young people bordering, the Olympics forest also provided a single point of interaction in the lives of athletes. "It was very engaging, in order to bring young people from different communities, more than 30 communities, one place, and the most interesting is that most of them had never met, He had never known ", He explained the coordinator of dicara, Ademar Cruz. "Sometimes, however they were of the same delegation, they had never traveled together and, além disso, They were able to learn more about the Olympic practices. So it was an opportunity for this new openness of social relations, friendships among them ".

Soccer, swimming and athletics

Young athletes competed in sports such as volleyball, soccer, futsal, swimming, Athletics, arco e flecha, table tennis, corrida de sac, After War, and others. the campões, the Resex Catuá-Ipixuna, They took gold medals, silver and bronze. "I participated in football, tug of war and race 100 meters. It was an honor to have won the gold medal in the tug of war, we (team) we thought we would not be able to, but last minute pulled the cord and won, was very good", Port celebrated Luciana Sena, from 14 years, community resident Bela Conquest, na extractive reserve (Resex) Catuá-Ipixuna, in Tefé.

Débora Melo de Carvalho, from 12 years, also young athlete riverside Resex Catuá-Ipixuna, the community of Santa Lucia Boia, We saw in the Olympics Forest a chance to practice both sports, how to have fun with the community colleges and increase the circle of friends. "For the first time in my life I am participating in these Olympics and I'm finding it very cool. I won silver medal in the sack race and found it very good. I'm finding great opportunity to meet other teams, people outside of our booking ", reforçou.

6Th Olympics Forest

The 6th Olympic Forest is a realization of the Comprehensive Development Program for Children and Adolescents in the Amazon Riparian (Dicara), within the Education and Health Program (PES) Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS). Created 2014, o Dicara desenvolve ações voltadas à garantia dos direitos de crianças e adolescentes de Unidades de Conservação (UC) in Amazonas, in cooperation with the Secretary of State for the Environment (Sema), com foco no enfrentamento à evasão escolar, digital and cultural exclusion, domestic violence, exploração sexual, trabalho infantil e promoção da cidadania e esporte.

A previsão é realizar ainda neste semestre mais uma edição das Olimpíadas da Floresta, desta vez em zona rural e reunindo jovens atletas ribeirinhos de reservas e localidades nos municípios de Itapiranga, São Sebastião do Uatumã e Presidente Figueiredo. “O balanço dessa olimpíadas foi positivo, uma grande quantidade de pessoas, de várias comunidades. Os jovens trocaram ideias e entenderam que todos estão no mesmo caminho, na luta e em defesa da juventude, lutando para garantir um espaço na sociedade”, reforçou o coordenador do Dicara, Ademar Cruz.