Bordering the Rio Gregory Resex receive sachets of P&L water purifier with powder

24 by April of 2019 - Technology developed by the multinational Procter & Gamble to transform contaminated water into drinking was distributed to residents in remote communities in the Extractive Reserve of Rio Gregory

Without access to treated water at home, Now residents can now purify polluted water | Photo: Dirce Quintino

Have access to clean and safe drinking water, prepare food and do the basic needs is a fundamental human right, but unusual reality of most remote populations living in the interior of Amazonas. Without access to treated water, families are forced to take polluted and unfit for consumption water coming from rivers and streams, which causes diseases in adults and children as dysentery, amebíase, hepatitis A, cholera and worms.

But this situation began to change for the residents of coastal communities Extractive Reserve (Resex) Gregory River, one of Conservation Units (UC) supported by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), in strategic cooperation with the Secretary of State for the Environment (Sema), and it is located between the municipalities of Ipixuna and Eirunepé. Through a partnership between FAS and the multinational Procter & Gamble, more than 200 families living in the reserve received 48 sachet thousand units with water purifier powder, a technology developed by P&G that transforms polluted water into drinking and that benefits thousands of poor people worldwide.

"We are in the middle of the Amazon, the largest freshwater basin in the world, and think 'ah, no problem of water ', but has. Despite having plenty of water available in rivers and streams, Resex in Rio Gregory, for example, populations do not have access to treated water at home, which causes several waterborne diseases ", said Marcelo Castro, Coordinator of the Bolsa Floresta (BFP) FAS in the Middle Juruá.

No drinking water and sickened, families still suffer from the lack of hospitals and health facilities because they are in remote areas, getting long periods suffering from vomiting and diarrhea. "The diseases cause a number of negative impacts, especially for children and newborns. The children miss schools, fathers and mothers lose days of work because they are trying to cure the disease home and this also negatively impacts the generation of household income ", said Marcelo Castro.

The powder sachets with water purifier in Resex Rio Gregory had already been used by the locals and the use made a difference in the lives of families. "When I started using (sachet P&G), my kids did not get more diarrhea and flu or, this non-eu. Once I stopped using, everyone went back to get sick diarrhea and flu. We drank rainwater and when it rained we took the river. When P is&G I'm carefree. It is easy to use, My daughters who prepare. I go to work and back when the water is ready to drink ", said Maria Carioca Ferreira, the community of Prainha, Resex in Rio Gregory.

According to Marcelo Castro, do PBF, the use of powdered water purifier P&G is even more essential to residents of Resex Rio Gregory due to hydrography and geography of the region. "In the period of full, the water of the Rio Gregory rises and ends up flooding the land of communities, areas where they have chicken flocks, pork and beef, and where are the tanks of houses, who have no sewage treatment ", said. "And in the period of flooding of the rivers that rates of disease absurdly increase, affecting all ".

Using the sachet P&G

To use the sachet P&G, families pour the cleansing powder in a container, no máximo, ten gallons of water and mix it continuously for five minutes. After, o líquido precisa ser mantido em repouso por mais cinco minutos e, So, é só filtrar num pano, esperar mais 20 minutos e a água pode ser consumida. “As famílias podem usar água de igarapé, rio ou da chuva. É só usar a dosagem certa de pó e de água com a metodologia correta de aplicação, que é de fácil assimilação. Qualquer pai e mãe da comunidade sabe explicar como funciona”, ressaltou Castro.

Para a dona de casa Maria Gomes da Silva, the community of Prainha, os moradores da Resex do Rio Gregório não se veem mais sem usar o pó purificador de água da P&G. “Eu fiquei animada quando o meu filho disse que o remédio para temperar a água tinha chegado. Eu disse ‘graças a Deus, meu filho, now everything will improve '. Without P&G we get sick, my boys take a lot of diarrhea. But when we drink purified water there is disease. I hope you never miss ", said.

The entire distribution of sachets of powder purifier P&G was coordinated by FAS in partnership with Procter & Gamble, Grant Program through the Floresta (BFP), and with the support of Agroextractive Residents Association of Rio Gregory (because) and community health workers in the region. According to Pinheiro Deuziano, President of the association and community worker, the amount of sachets is distributed to purify sufficient to 480 one thousand liters. "You can purify a lot of water. Now the population will be assisted ", Pinheiro said Deuziano.

innovative technology

A tecnologia do pó purificador de água da P&G é uma inovação que transforma rapidamente água poluída em água pura e potável. O sachê foi desenvolvido pelos cientistas da P&G, em colaboração com o U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), que originalmente tentavam separar a água suja usada para lavagem de roupa. A invenção permitiu pessoas em todo o mundo purificar água contaminada de forma simples, econômica e conveniente.