FAS takes sustainable development and entrepreneurship of the Amazon river to Portugal

13 of May of 2019 - Foundation was one of the institutions participating in the event "Experience the Amazon in Portugal", organized in order to promote an exchange of knowledge and projects developed in the region

Wildney Mourão, the center, with participants of the event | Photo: Disclosure

Bring examples of sustainable development actions, riverside of entrepreneurship, education and environmental conservation in the Amazon to the other side of the world was the objective of the participation of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) at the event "Experience the Amazon in Portugal", held in Lisbon, in Portugal, for the purpose of promoting an exchange of knowledge and projects developed in the region to ensure the future of the forest.

O event, organized by the Cultural Association Scope and the Zagaia Amazon, said the partnership and participation of FAS. The program included panels and discussions on various topics such territories, traditional knowledge, environmental education, forest preservation, tourism and coastal entrepreneurship, crafts and design, literature and music in the Amazon, plus a photo exhibition.

"The objective was to connect the ends between Brazil and Portugal and take a little Amazon for the event, talk about the challenges that we have as an NGO within the region and find supporters for projects, partners and also share a little about what FAS has organized over the years ", Entrepreneurship explained the coordinator and FAS Sustainable Business, Wildney Mourão.

Initiatives presented by FAS were the Riverside Entrepreneurship, with entrepreneurship activities in productive chains of riverside communities in the Amazon; Reporters Forest, a project that takes educational communication practices and radio workshops, video and text production riparian young; and Business Incubator, which encourages the creation of new developments in technology and innovation managed by community.

"The FAS is great reference in Brazil NGO term, especially when it comes to Amazon. It was important to be at this event to strengthen the relationship with partners and demonstrate how Amazon handles sustainable development, traditional communities, riverside entrepreneurship, relevance of education and the whole framework of projects that FAS has in portfolio, and to seek new donors and supporters ", completed Wildney Mourao.

From 2008, the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) promotes sustainable development actions, environmental conservation and improvement of quality of life of people living in protected areas (UC) in Amazonas. Through programs and projects, FAS managed to reduce deforestation in the areas of protected areas in which it operates and also benefited 39.948 persons 581 riverine communities.