Note from the Amazon Bioeconomy Alliance (ABio) on the repeal of the Amazon Biotechnology Center of the notice (CBA)

2 of May of 2019 - The federal government decided to revoke the edict for CBA management, based on Ordinance 141, from 26 April 2019

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A Abio – formed by institutions UFAM (Federal University of Amazonas), UEA (State University of Amazonas), IFAM (Instituto Federal do Amazonas), Institute Certi Amazon, Biotec Amazon, FAS (Amazonas Sustainable Foundation), University Nilton Lins, FIOCRUZ (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation – Institute Leonidas and Maria Deane), BIONORTE (Biodiversity Network and Biotechnology of the Amazon), RAMI (Network Innovation and Entrepreneurship Amazon), CETAM (Amazon Technological Education Center), ANPEI (National Association for Research and Development of Innovative Companies), ANPROTEC (National Association of Entities Promoting Innovative Enterprises), SEMA (Amazon Environment Facility secretariat) and SEPLANCTI (Department of Planning, Science, Technology and Innovation of the Amazon) – It was formed to promote the bio-economy in the Amazon.

Calling on the Public Notice No. 2/2018 for the management of the Amazon Biotechnology Center (CBA), conducted by the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC), the Abio mobilized its members to prepare a work plan to prevent the center to continue with the chronic management problems that has limited its contribution to the development of the bio-economy.

The main objective of Abio is to strengthen the powers of the institutions of the region as a strategy to boost the bio-economy in the region. The proposed alliance CBA management foresaw the development of partnerships with businesses – especially those based in the Industrial Pole of Manaus (PIM) – and traditional and indigenous, holders of rich ethnobiological knowledge about biodiversity of the Amazon. The proposal Abio received the best score on the three presented to the Federal Government and won the tender, based solely on their technical merit.

The Federal Government has decided to revoke the CBA notice, based on Ordinance 141, from 26 April 2019. It was with disappointment that the alliance has received the decision, which removes the CBA promising a future perspective based on the support of research institutions, development, innovation and entrepreneurship of the bioeconomy Amazon. On the other hand, Abio to recognize the right of the Federal Government to take political decisions.

The Abio has several initiatives underway, among which the CBA was one of them. The alliance will continue with its activities to support its members, promoting actions and collaborative projects aimed to increase job creation, income and the share of bio-economy GDP in the Amazon. Before the repeal of the CBA notice, the Abio want the Federal Government to succeed and every success in the management of this important public assets.