Sustainable chat debate solutions to bring clean water to riverine communities of Amazonas

31 of May of 2019 - innovative initiatives such as the Water + Access project, desenvolvido pela FAS, Coca-Cola Institute, WTT and Avina Foundation, and distributing water purifying sachets P & G, sample solutions were

Deuziano Pinheiro, Community leader Resex Rio Gregory | Photo: Dirce Quintino

Initiatives leading drinking water to riverside communities in the Amazon without access to the service were exemplified late on Thursday (30) Chat for Sustainable, a meeting with the debate that took place at the headquarters of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), in Manaus. community leaders, neighborhood associations presidents and partners as companies and institutes were present discussing solutions and disseminating the results of actions taken to bring water to remote areas in the state.

One such solution was water + Access project, that implements capture stations, treatment and distribution of water in riverine communities of the Amazon where the FAS acts, through a partnership with Coca-Cola Institute, Avina Foundation and the WTT World Transforming Technologies. The stations run on solar and sustainable energy and two-year project over 54 thousand people benefited in eight states, including the Amazon. One was the community C. S. of Perpetual Help, on Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Rio Negro, in Iranduba.

"We think that because Amazon has an abundance of rivers and streams, a large basin, the people are fed up with clean water at home. But not quite. Many communities have no access to water or to bathe or to make food or other necessities ", He explained Valcléia Solidade, Sustainable Development superintendent of FAS and coordinator of the Water + Access project. "The implementation of this initiative was crucial to reduce the rates of waterborne diseases in these regions", pondered.

In two years the Access + Water, more than R $ 8 million was invested in several projects in Brazil. According to Kremer Gaston, do WTT, 50% of water and sanitation projects in Latin America end up failing after two or five years of implementation. "Brazil has many challenges to face in providing access to water to people. Innovative initiatives such as the Access + applied water in the Amazon have a fundamental role to change this setting. They are examples of what went right and we hope to continue contributing technologies ".

Water purifiers

Another solution to carry drinking water to remote locations in the Amazon was exposed to sustainable Chat distribution over 1 million sachets of powder with water purifier P&G, a technology developed by the multinational Procter & Gamble that has benefited thousands of poor people worldwide. As is the case of coastal communities located in the Extractive Reserve (Resex) Gregory River, between municipalities and Ipixuna Eirunepé and which is over 1 thousand kilometers of Manaus, ou historian, a remote area.

"Today we have good water, almost mineral indoors ", celebrated Deuziano Pinheiro, community leader in Rio Resex Gregory, Chat for Sustainable. He cites the reserve communities that have recently received 48 sachet thousand units of Q&G, to purify enough to 480 liters of water. Each sachet is able to clean ten gallons of water in about 30 minutes. Give plenty of water to purify. Now the population will be assisted ", Pinheiro finished Deuziano.

XXII Leadership Meeting

Sustainable Papo about water happened during the XXII Meeting of Leaders of the Bolsa Floresta, an event sponsored by FAS with support from the Amazon Fund / BNDES, Bradesco and Government of Amazonas, por meio da Secretaria de Estado de Meio Ambiente (Sema), to evaluate and improve the application of the Bolsa Floresta (BFP) - a public policy implemented by FAS that benefits coastal communities in protected areas (UC). The event is also an opportunity to discuss challenges of communities and empower community leaders.