Dialogue between coastal and government is the main result of the XXII Leadership Meeting

1 June 2019 - Event that brought together leaders from the Amazon Conservation Units community debates provided, lectures and training in order to improve the Bolsa Floresta, improve the quality of life of the population and reduce deforestation in these regions

When all, 47 bordering leaders attended the meeting | Photo: Ana Claudia Medeiros

The XXII Meeting of Leaders Pprograma Bolsa Floresta untilncerrou late on Friday (31), in Manaus, after a week of debates, lectures and training, bringing together in one place, in headquarters of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), 47 bordering leaders of Conservation Units (UC) in order to discuss challenges and solutions to improve the public policy of the Bolsa Floresta, improve the quality of life of communities and reduce deforestation in these regions. The event was support from the Amazon Fund / BNDES, Bradesco and Government of Amazonas, through Secretaria de Estado de Meio Ambiente (Sema).

Direct contact between Community and the government was one of the differentials of this issue. This is what account Community leader Brenda Monique Valentine, San Francisco community of affluent of the Cheetah, on Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) do Archives achievement, in rural Manaus. “Fhi great because there was the participation of several agencies who came to hear us and see how the reality in communities. It was a more back to our reality event. Thes state secretaries heard us enough, They had ranges of questions and we were able to express what we want for our communities ", said.

The Sustainable Development superintendent of FAS, Valcléia Solidade, who has coordinated the Bolsa Floresta, also cited the strong presence of government. "The state was very present, which has been unheard of in this edition. And one of our goals is to make both the state and society know what's going on inside of Protected Areas, they understand the process, the advances that these environments provide to families and communities, environmental conservation and also the challenges that lie ahead ", completed.

The XXII Leadership Meeting was conducted by FAS in partnership with the Department of Environment (Sema) and the incumbent minister, Eduardo Taveira, She participated in several moments of the event, como o diálogo sobre os avanços e os desafios das políticas públicas de meio ambiente in Amazonas. "We can not set public policy without hearing who is directly impacted by them. During the meeting our team was able to listen to each representative who is present, know every challenge faced by them and, so, think about the best strategies to provide a more efficient public service ", said.

Debates and dialogues

Several topics were discussed during the XXII Meeting of Leaders of the Bolsa Floresta, as access to clean water, menvironmental onitoramento, solid waste, Forest management, politics, MICROCREDit, bioeconomia, riverside entrepreneurship, BR-319 highway, sexual violence, public safety, and others. "We brought the new thematic meeting as the bio-economy and the issue of public security within the coastal communities and rivers. Having someone of security at the meeting to hear the outburst of community and understand what goes on in these places as far away was essential ", reinforced superintendent Valcléia Solidade.

The community leader Jerôncio Catulinus de Sousa, community S. John's Piagaçu, The Salt de Anamã, in Maraã, a near 600 kilometers from Manaus, He emphasized the importance of discussing security in protected areas. "It was great this space to talk from safety. Pudemos show our reality and ask for more fiscalização in our rivers. For the first time the secretaries of state were almost all for us and this is a great joy. Can be heard, listen to what they have to say and take everything for my community. I hope the next meetings remain so, secretaries supporting conservation units ", said.


Skills and training were also part of the program of XXII Leadership Meeting. Community leaders received training and many could learn from over basic computer, the management of solid waste, as providing cccounts of public money, how to design and write projects, how to build a business model, financial education and microcredit, and others.

"The most important thing I will take my community are tourism projects, which is closer to our reality. We work with ecotourism and was able to receive several proposals for projects to our RDS. Not to mention the bio-economy, which is also part of our booking. How can we improve our production focused on the bioeconomy, new projects, new natural medicines ", account Brenda Monique Valentine, Sustainable Development Reserve Archives achievement.

Papo Sustentável - Sustainability Talks

Outro momento importante do XXII Encontro de Lideranças foi o Papo Sustentável sobre acesso a água potável nas comunidades. Solutions to bring water to regions remote Amazon were shared during the discussion. “That moment was very special. We could feel and realize the satisfaction of community with the investments made to bring water to these places. Water is life and it was wonderful to hear the experience of these people and the way they are organizing to manage water systems. Because much more important than having access to water is to maintain this access for a long period”, expounded Valcléia Solidade.

Among the initiatives presented were the project Water Access +, that deploys the capture stations communities, treatment and distribution of water from sustainable energy, through the Coca-Cola Institute, Foundation Avina e o WTT World Transforming Technologies, and also the partnership with the multinational Procter & Gamble for dispensing powder sachets and transforms that purifies polluted drinking water without access to the service locations. "Today we have good water, almost mineral indoors ", celebrated Deuziano Pine, community leader in the Extractive Reserve (Resex) Gregory River, which received 48 thousand units of P sachet&G, enough to clean up 480 liters of water.

Goals and challenges

Until the next meeting, riparian leaders and the government have shares to be fulfilled. It's what strengthens Valcléia Solidade. "The leaders are here representing communities. They make adjustments and adjust action strategies. From the political point of view are strengthened as leaders to Copperarem government. And untilmong the challenges esSo continue ongoing projects and continue keeping the forest standing and index deforestation down. In addition to continuing makings associations manage their own resources, have more and more transparency, manage their products and supply chains. There's a lot to be made, not only por they, but by FAS also".

Among the partners of the XXII Leadership Meeting are Amazon Fund, Bradesco, Government do Amazonas, Sema, Federal Public Ministry (MPF), Environmental Protection Institute of Amazonas (Ipaam), Alliance for Bioeconomy Amazon (Abio), Newton Fund, Coca-Cola Institute, Foundation Avina, WTT, State University of Amazonas (UEA), National Institute for Research in the Amazon (Inpa), the departments of Rural production (Sepror), Planning, Development, Science, Tecnologia e Inovação (Seplancti), Public security (SSP), Social Assistance (Seas), Education (Seduc), Culture (SEC), Accounts prosecutors (MPC), Attorney General of the State (PGE), Legislative Assembly of Amazonas and the dozens of associations of communities.

Bolsa Floresta

The Bolsa Floresta Program (BFP), focus of the actions of the XXII Leadership Meeting, It is a public policy implemented by FAS in 16 Conservation Units (UC), in technical cooperation of the Secretariat of State for the Environment (Sema), in order to reward traditional populations, riverine and indigenous, living within forest areas for services in favor of environmental conservation. The PBF is maintained with funds from the Amazon / BNDES Fund, Bradesco's and Coca-Cola until support Government of Amazonas, by Sema.