'Flour Uarini' produced by bordering becomes sold under seal sources Brazil

27 June 2019 - Cultivated by the community RDS Mamirauá, between the municipalities of Uarini and Alvarães, flour "The Riverside" now circulates with the national seal forest home warranty

Stamp, in addition to ensuring forest origin, functions as a QR Code | Photo: Dirce Quintino

The more traditional product riverside family farm in the Amazon and in taste darling of Amazonas, flour type cassava "ovinha", produced in the region Uarini, and sold under the name "The Riverside", It will now be marketed with the sources seal Brazil, a national stamp which ensures that the cultivation and / or manufacture of a product have forest origin and respects both the environment as their traditional populations and their territories.

Cultivated by farmers 15 communities located between the municipalities of Uarini and Alvarães, about 550 kilometers from Manaus, within the Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Mamirauá, flour is also packaged by EU owned and marketed under the name "The Riverside", receiving technical support from the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), with funds from the Amazon / BNDES Fund, through programs Income Generation and Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Business.

"The Origins stamp shows the origin and gives traceability, ensures that the product comes from the forest and that it promotes a business relationship fairer, ethic, transparent and balanced between those who produce and those who cultivate, and also those who consume ", Edvaldo Oliveira explained, Regional Solimões coordinator of Income Generation Program, FAS. He, the seal is recognition of the work done by farmers. "The flour is important to receive the seal to enhance the product and recognize the work of community".

The seal Origins Brazil, besides ensuring forest product origin, also functions as a QR code that, after being scanned on a smartphone screen, redirects the consumer to an email address with information about the origin of the product, the stories of the people who produce it, which region, among other data, encouraging respect the diversity of traditional ways of life. The label was created by the Institute of Management and Forest Certification and Agricultural (It maflora) in partnership with the Environmental Institute (ISA).

The launch of the stamp Origins Brazil in flour "ovinha" takes place at the time that "riverfront" completes one year on the market. "Stamp being a product as 'The Riverside' to show who is behind the production is important, who are these producers, which is protected area, the region where flour comes. This gives transparency to purchasers and consumers, which sometimes do not know that the Amazon region ", Helga said Yamaki, coordinator of Imaflora.

secular flour

Descendant of indigenous and cultivated for centuries by traditional populations in the Amazon, the ovinha type cassava flour Uarini region achieved a specificity of production and quality that have made the product. The seal Origins Brazil is more a guarantee of quality for the "flour Uarini".

"Now we can show the history of our people riverside farmer, show the face of the producers, is produced as flour, how many families participate and where it leaves ", said Raimundo Rodrigues "Xexéo", community farmer San Francisco Aiucá, da RDS Mamirauá. "Before the person just bought and ate, Today she will be able to know our history, where it comes from. (flour) will become known, people will be able to buy from anywhere in the world and the price worth, sustainable product and without pesticides ".

Photo: Dirce Quintino (FAS)

'The Riverside'

A year ago, through income generation programs and FAS Entrepreneurship, ovinha the flour produced by farmers of the communities in the RDS Mamirauá became wrapped in Campo Novo community and marketed under the name "The Riverside". It is sold in the local market, in Amazonas, until, more recently, also it happened to be sold nationally through the virtual store "Jirau", a partnership between FAS with americanas.com. Follow the link below to buy online flour "The Riverside": https://bit.ly/2ZMqN6q

And before help take the "flour Uarini" the national market, the technical team developed the FAS qualification actions, training and business with producers through Entrepreneurship program. "The seal will contribute to the recognition of the territory, the source, history, the place and the people who work in a fair and sustainable way for forest maintenance. By placing 'on the map' flour 'The Riverside' by Seal Origins Brazil, Community development can be valued as a product of more fair commercial value in a market that is increasingly demanding ", said Wildney Mourao, FAS Entrepreneurship coordinator.

On the FAS

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) é uma organização brasileira não governamental, nonprofit, promoting sustainable development, environmental conservation and improving the quality of life of people living in protected areas (UC) in Amazonas, in strategic cooperation with the Secretary of State for the Environment (Sema).