Solutions to bring digital connectivity to remote regions of the Amazon is theme of seminar in Manaus

7 June 2019 - Face challenges, discuss and share initiatives that have worked and find solutions to improve connectivity to distant coastal communities is the goal of the event, What happens in the FAS headquarters, in Manaus

digital connectivity in the Amazon | Photo: Bruno Kelly

That access to the Internet and digital connection in isolated or remote areas of the Amazon is a deficit, that's not news. Facing such challenges, discuss and share initiatives that have worked in the region and find and recommend solutions to improve digital connectivity to remote coastal communities is the goal of a seminar that takes place next Wednesday (12), in Manaus, from 8:30 am, at the headquarters of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), The red Alvaro Braga, 351, Parque Dez.

It is the "I Seminar on digital connectivity in remote areas of the Amazon", conducted by FAS and the World Bank, in partnership with the Department of Planning, Development, Science, Tecnologia e Inovação (Seplancti) and Data Processing company Amazon S.A (sell) and is part of a larger project assessment solutions for digital connectivity in the State.

"The goal is to discuss and present digital connectivity solutions in the Amazon, mainly non Amazonas, from experiences in protected areas where FAS works. The difference will be the different looks that we propose on connectivity. There will be a moment to address public policy, the current context in which we live and the internet impact on education, the health, entrepreneurship ", said the coordinator of the event and technical supervisor of FAS Innovative Solutions Program, Gabriela Sampaio.

Within the programming are shown preliminary results of a technical feasibility study, institutional, financial, social and cultural digital connectivity solutions for coastal communities in protected areas (UC) do Amazonas, plus there is debate about the opportunities that are generated from the universal access to digital connectivity. The event is free and has a certificate of participation, but seats are already sold out.

Among the participants of the seminar are experts in fields related to digital connectivity and Amazon territories, public and private sector, civil society and the university. They are FAS own, or World Bank, the Brazilian Army, the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), a WH Telecom, the Ozone Telecom, American stores, Federal University of Amazonas (I trust), Seplancti, Sell ​​S.A., among other.

"We will show practical initiatives who are working with connectivity within the state, from a small company that makes internet generation to a large company that promotes universal access in remote areas. At the end we will have a technical report to support public policies and decision making with different connectivity solutions for each region ", He explained Gabriela Sampaio. "One of these solutions is the connection with hybrid source, ou historian, where the internet comes from not only satellite, but also radio ".

On the FAS

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) é uma organização brasileira não governamental, nonprofit, promoting sustainable development, environmental conservation and improving the quality of life of people living in protected areas (UC) in Amazonas, in strategic cooperation with the Secretary of State for the Environment (Sema). The initiatives are implemented through the Bolsa Floresta (BFP), Education and Health Program (PES) and Innovative Solutions Program (PSI).


O Country: I Seminar on digital connectivity in remote areas of the Amazon
When: 12 April 2019, Wednesday, from 8:30 am
Where: FAS headquarters, The red Alvaro Braga, 351, Parque Dez, Zona Centro-Sul de Manaus
As: free