FAS launches webseries 'Solutions for Sustainability' on supply chains in the Amazon

5 of July of 2019 - To each 15 days, multimedia content on flour, cocoa, brazilian nut, pirarucu, açaí, tourism, guaraná, vegetable oils and timber management will be launched on social networks and other website

supply chains supported by FAS | Photos: Dirce Quintino

The Amazon offers a multitude of products and services coming from nature. Flour, cocoa, brazilian nut, pirarucu, açaí, guaraná, wood, vegetable oils and the very natural beauty are resources available in rivers and forests of the region that feed populations in rural and urban areas, They generate income and are the identity of the Amazonian people. If used sustainably, They help keep the forest standing, conserve the environment and improve quality of life and coastal indigenous peoples.

With support from the Amazon / BNDES Fund, the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) supports traditional communities in the Amazon living these natural resources within protected areas (UC) and make them sources of income as production chains. In order to disclose such production systems, from harvesting of natural resources, sustainable processing and until you reach the fork, FAS launches webseries "Solutions for Sustainability", featuring nine productive chains in the Amazon: flour, cocoa, brazilian nut, pirarucu, açaí, tourism, guaraná, vegetable oils and timber management.

To each 15 days, multimedia content with video and publications will be launched in the social and other website on the supply chains networks. The first is the flour, which airs on Saturday (6) no YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn e site da FAS. Culture and tradition of cassava flour in the Amazon, production process, marketing and the challenges and solutions to the flour in a power generation of sustainable income for traditional communities will be in the disclosed content in social media FAS. The entire series has received strategic cooperation of the Secretary of State for the Environment (Sema).

"It is a documentary series that tells of nine production chains. The goal is to show all stages of the production process. in flour, for example, the first series, We show from planting to harvest, processing and the time it is packaged to go to the supermarket and get in people's homes. We show how the chain happens, as it receives support from FAS and who is behind this production, Community and business people too ", Quintino explained Dirce, audiovisual producer who signed the work of video series.

All the "Solutions for Sustainability" took a year to be produced and filmed and included communities located in the Sustainable Development Reserves (Reserve) the Mamirauá, do Uacari, Rio Negro, Wood and Juma, and also in the Permanent Preservation Area (APA) Rio Negro. "The series shows how people's lives changed from the moment they are dedicated to the production chains and started to act sustainably in reserves. The good thing is that now they are aware that they can live in the forest and let it conserved ", He commented on Sustainable Development superintendent of FAS, Valcleia Solidade.

To accompany the webseries "Solutions for Sustainability" just access social networks FAS. Overall coordination is the General Superintendent Virgilio Viana, coordination of the Sustainable Development Superintendent Valcleia Solidade and executive coordination of the communication coordinator of FAS Felipe Irnaldo. The technical staff has Michelle Costa, Marilson Rodrigo, Edvaldo Correa, Adamilton Bentes, Marcelo Castro and Jousanete Days. The audiovisual production is Dirce Quintino and Thiago Looney, Writing Vandré Fonseca and Vinicius Leal and editorial project Ana Claudia Medeiros.