Archer indigenous Graziela Santos dispute the bronze at the Pan American Games in Lima 2019

8 th August 2019 - The Amazon of 23 years, "Won" etnia Karapãna, now competes in the category Women's Team in Archery. It receives support from FAS by the Indigenous Project Archery

Women Shot Team Archery | Photo: Personal archive

The Indian archer and athlete Amazon Graziela Santos, 23, "won" etnia Karapãna, will dispute the bronze in Archery at the Pan American Games in Lima 2019, no Sunday (11), last day of competitions. The young, receiving support from the Indian Archery Project, developed by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) along with Amazonian Federation of Archery (Fatarco) and the State Secretariat for Youth, Esporte e Lazer (Sejel), Team will compete in the category Women.

She, which is indigenous to the history of the country the first to compete in the category Archery, began to participate in the Pan American on Wednesday (7). Archers competed against each other in order to obtain the index for the selection of athletes to represent Brazil in the category Mixed Double, opportunity in which we selected the man and the woman with the best score to form a double. As Graziela did not get the best result, just getting out of the running by double.

In the semifinal by staff, in which he participated with Ane archers dos Santos and Ana Caetano, the athletes lost the duel for the delegation of Mexico and, now, vie for bronze medal, against Colombia. "I did not shoot as I expected, but we go along ", said the athlete, through its account on social networks. Friday (9) begin individual disputes, It is more of a chance of medal for Brazil.

The Pan games have been conducted since 26 July, Lima, no Peru. "Congratulations to the athletes and technical teams because they are participating and making history in such a great event like this. We want more representatives of the Amazon have this opportunity ", said the Secretary of State for Youth, Esportes e Lazer (Sejel), Caio André de Oliveira.

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The appreciation of the culture and identity of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon is the biggest goal of the Indigenous Project Archery. developed from 2013, the project has partnered with Banco Bradesco and support of the Confederation of Organizations and Amazon Indigenous Peoples (Coipam), the Coordination of the Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon (Coiab), and sponsorship of B flat Shops, Catch, Val Group, plus support Latam, Bradesco, Accor Hotels Educational Center La Salle College and La Salle, por Meio da Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte.

*With information from the press office of Sejel