Indigenous women from around the Amazon Manaus come to discuss business strategies and entrepreneurship

7 th August 2019 - Coming from different regions and different ethnicities, they participate in the First Meeting of Indigenous Entrepreneurs, from 8 a 11 August; and also expose products in FAS Fair

The event is organized in conjunction with the Indigenous Women's Network of the Amazon - Makira-ETA | Photo: Larissa Martins

A culture, the customs and traditions of indigenous peoples of the Amazon resisted time and strengthened identities throughout the Brazilian territory. Knowledge and practices as dances, graphisms, culinary, handicraft production and utensils, agriculture and medicinal plants made these populations possessing unique knowledge, with immeasurable value. Knowledge that these also turned into profitable ventures within the national and international market.

However, how to make the marketing of those products, using indigenous knowledge, benefit the indigenous peoples? How to make such products cases success in business, preserving identities and giving prominence to these populations? Unravel all this is the objective of the First Meeting of Indigenous Entrepreneurs Amazon, event organized by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) together with the Indigenous Women's Network of the Amazon - Makira-ETA, and what happens from this farm (8) até domingo (11), na established by FAS, in Manaus.

With a schedule that includes everything from round tables, rodas de conversa, working groups and to display and sale of indigenous products in the next edition of FAS Fair, not Sunday (11), The meeting seeks to bring indigenous women across the state information, knowledge and training on entrepreneurship, management, sustainable production and marketing, market strategies, innovation and technology, institutional strengthening, cultural identity, political mobilization, indigenous rights, and others.

At least 40 indigenous women entrepreneurs, coming from different ethnic groups and communities in the regions of Alto Rio Negro, Upper and Middle Solimões, lower Amazon, chili, Juruá, East Wood, Manaus and surroundings, attending the meeting. "This is the first event that will bring together indigenous women entrepreneurs from all over the Amazon. It is a strategic event. Além delas, networks and entrepreneurial companies that already operate in Manaus will also be present. indigenous entrepreneurship is not done alone, there is a whole process that it is necessary ", He explained Maria Lamb Baré, event coordinator and FAS Indigenous Agenda.

Finding solutions to generate income is indigenous entrepreneurs, Rosimere second Teles Arapaço, coordinator of Makira-ETA, a key demand of the women's network. "We as Indians have a great potential, but how do? Where drain our products, where we provide? We have reference ", said. "A lot of people go there on our land, bring our products to the city and resell. Who wins are these middlemen and retailers in urban areas. We want to discuss our indigenous enterprises, strengthen our culture, our identity, and profit from it ".

Papo Sustentável - Sustainability Talks

Within the meeting will be exposed cases of enterprises led by indigenous women who combine tradition, innovation and local development, there will also be a talk on the case success of Baniwa pepper Alto Rio Negro, as well as workshops on entrepreneurship and content, creative economy, business modeling, e-commerce, sustainable marketing, personal finances, management, institutional strengthening, empowerment, political mobilization and indigenous rights.

Also on the program a 'Sustainable Papo ", open to the general public, with the theme "The contribution of indigenous peoples in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDSN)”, and the launch of two publications, the book "25 years of association management for Living Well Baniwa and Koripaco / OIBI", by André Baniwa, and the collection "Reflections Indigenous / NEAI / Edua", John Paul Tukano.

FAS Fair

Not Sunday (11), after four days of programming, entrepreneurial indigenous women can put into practice everything they have learned at the meeting. They will exhibit and sell their products within the FAS Fair, a fair of creative economy.

Artesanato, Indian cooking, graphisms, agricultural foods and medicinal plants will be available to the public from 8 am to 19h, the FAS headquarters - Street Alvaro Braga, 351, Parque Dez, beyond traditional spaces Gastronomy, Varieties and gardening and musical attractions, health practices and well-being, esportes, games and activities, Theater and dance, environmental education, and others. Admission is free.


The First Meeting of Indigenous Entrepreneurs is carried out by FAS and the Network of Indigenous Women of the Amazon - Makira-ETA, partnership with Bradesco and support the Amazon Fund / BNDES, Coca-Cola, Government do Amazonas, por meio da Secretaria de Estado de Meio Ambiente, State Indian Foundation (FEI) and EESC.

The participating agencies are UN Women, Consulate of Women, SDSN Young, Sebrae, Sejusc, Idesam, Amazon Indigenous Studies Center (Ai), Impact Hub, Indigenous Organization of Içana Basin (the Oib), Association of Indigenous Artisans of San Gabriel (very), Association of Indigenous Communities of the Middle Rio Negro (ACIMRN) and the Association of Indigenous Women of the Alto Rio Negro Residents in Manaus (Amarn).