fighting solutions to climate change in the Amazon are taken to the Climate Week

22 th August 2019 - successful initiatives in favor of the climate and the environment promoted by FAS and the SDSN-Amazon are presented in Climate Week in Latin America and the Caribbean, a Climate Week, What happens in Salvador

The Climate Week is a preparation for COP25 | Photo: Victor Salviati

The Amazon is highlighted in Climate Week in Latin America and the Caribbean, o Climate Week, which takes place from Monday (19) and goes until Friday (23) in Salvador, Bahia. Innovative solutions for the conservation, as developed in the Amazon, They will be presented at the event, which hosts the United Nations Organizations Convention (UN) on Climate Change (UNFCCC) with the main objective of boosting the response of these regions to climate change.

The week is preparation for COP25, the Climate Change Conference, expected to take place in December in Chile and should be attended by representatives of 33 countries, between regional leaders of public and private sectors and civil society representatives, including indigenous leaders and youth, as well as United Nations officials.

The Climate Week in Salvador has com a schedule that includes workshops and lectures on environment and climate change and also the participation of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) and Solutions Network for the Amazon Sustainable Development (SDSN, the acronym in English), representing the state and leading successful initiatives for climate, environment and conservation of the Amazon.

Standing in Forest Notice

The Innovation and Institutional Development superintendent of FAS, Victor Salviati, presents Thursday (22), Action Hub in section, a panel on the Edit Program Forest on Foot, the first public call organized by FAS to encourage enterprises throughout the Amazon, It is contemplated 17 projects 11 municipalities which cover 11 different production chains.

Iniciado em 2017 by FAS with support from the Amazon Fund / BNDES and Government of Amazonas, Foot in Forest Notice received 181 registrations, evaluated by an independent committee that selected 17 projects eligible to receive investments of around R $ 150 a thousand.

Solutions Platform

Also on Thursday (22), the Knowledge Corner section, the Solutions Network for Sustainable Development (SDSN) It presents the SDSN-Amazon Solutions Platform, success story of SDSN-Amazon Network. A platform, launched in 2017, It aims to identify and spread the initiatives that work in synergy with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDSN) of the United Nations (UN) and which are developed in the Amazon countries, proposed by public organizations, Sociedade Civil, universities, research institutes and non-governmental organizations.

The platform is an online tool, georeferenced and trilingual (português, Spanish and English) until, to all, the fight 111 solutions that have been developed throughout the Amazon.

Climate Week

In cooperation between the Brazilian Federal Government and the city of Salvador, Climate Week in Latin America and the Caribbean (LACCW) It is organized through a partnership of international and regional organizations with the main objective to boost the response of the regions to climate change and aims to show a dynamic schedule of activities, to demonstrate the growing climate ambition throughout the region, from technical discussions to thematic dialogues high level.

Climate Week the results will feed the results of the Climate Action Summit organized by the UN Secretary General in 23 September in New York, with the ultimate goal to boost climate ambition and accelerate the implementation of the Paris Agreement and Agenda 2030 para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável.

The Climate Week 2019 It should also help to build momentum for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25), which takes place in Santiago, no Chile, from 2 a 13 December 2019.