Amazon governments, SDSN-Amazon and FAS signed letter to the Pope in defense of the region

28 of October of 2019 - Organizations participated in summit of governors which resulted in a document with guidelines and assumed commitments by authorities, scientists and civil society in the Amazon

Photo: Gabriella Marino

Increase dialogue with the international community on the Amazon and commitments in defense of the region, its rich biodiversity, its peoples and cultures were the main objective of the 1st Summit of Governors of the Pan-Amazon states, a meeting on Monday (28), in the Vatican Pontifical Academy of Sciences headquarters, in Vatican City, which brought together officials and government representatives from several Amazonian countries, including Brazil, as well as scientists, civil society and the Catholic Church.

The date, which came a day after the Synod of the Amazon, It was organized by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences Vatican, Consortium of Governors of the Brazilian Amazon and the Solutions Network for the Amazon Sustainable Development (SDSN-Amazon).

Among the officials present were the Governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima, Brazilian Cardinal Claudio Hummes, The rapporteur was of the Synod of the Amazon and responsible for writing the final document to the goals and commitments decided by the bishops of the Catholic Church at the Synod, and the rector of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences Vatican, Monsignor Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, the chairman of the Amazon Governors Consortium and Legal governor of Amapá, Waldez Goes, and the general coordinator of the Amazon SDSN, Virgilio Viana, who is also superintendent of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS).

"The meeting was mainly a result the exchange of experiences among different state governments of Brazil and the Pan-Amazonian countries in order to identify points of convergence between the needs of the Amazonian states and the conclusions of the Synod", said Virgilio Viana. "The different actions that will allow the Amazonian states transform the global concern about the future of Amazon in funding sources that can generate more jobs and income and contribute to the reduction of deforestation and forest fires here were identified".

During a dome, Governor Wilson Lima spoke in defense of the promotion of human dignity in the Amazon sustainable development process. "Much has been said about the increase in hedging instruments, technology, mas, no matter what you have all these instruments, we will not be able to do this without the citizens who live there understand the importance of preserving. And it will only succeed in doing this at the time that the forest makes sense for him. Because today that half of the population explores the forest as a way of survival. And survival is the primary condition ", said.

Also participating in the summit the governors of Para, Helder Barbalho; Maranhão, Flavio Dino; and Piauí, Wellington Dias; the Affairs Secretary of National Sovereignty of the Federal Government of Brazil, Fabio Mendes Marzano, and executive heads of eight other Amazonian countries, such as Bolivia, Colombia, Equador, Guiana, French Guiana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela, and other representatives of civil society, as Conservation International (CI), GCF Task Force and the Institute for Amazon Environmental Research (Ipam).

Letter to Pope Francis

At the end of the summit, the governors of the Pan-Amazon, scientists and civil society representatives signed a letter with directions and made commitments on Amazon Defense. O documento, addressed to Pope Francis, the highest authority of the Catholic Church, gathers 14 points as the recognition of a threat of state for which passes the Amazon region and a request for extension of the targets set in the Paris Agreement already in 2020.

Synod of the Amazon

The Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon region was a meeting of bishops of the Catholic Church which took place between 6 until 27 October in Vatican City in order to identify new paths for evangelization in the region. Among other points were the defense of indigenous peoples, riparian and their cultures and the protection of biodiversity in the region.

About a SDSN

The SDSN is a Network Solution for Sustainable Development (Sustainable Development Solutions Network) there from 2012 in order to engage the gym, civil society and the private sector to promote practical resolution to the challenges of sustainable development of the planet, implementing a related agenda on Sustainable Development Goals (SDSN) and the Paris Agreement, on a local scale, National and Global. The SDSN-Amazon is the regional SDSN in the Amazon region and mobilizes the Amazon Basin countries such as Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Equador, Guiana, French Guiana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela.

On the FAS

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) It is a Brazilian non-profit organization with no party political ties whose mission is to make the forest worth more standing than cut, promoting sustainable development actions and quality improvement of life of people living in the forest. Through programs and projects, FAS hits a lifelong search 40 thousand people in 16 Protected Areas of the State, in cooperation with the Sema and support the Amazon Fund / BNDES, Samsung, Bradesco and Coca-Cola Brazil.