FAS social technology focused on health and education of local children running for national award

12 of October of 2019 - #Children's Day | Early Childhood Program riverfront, FAS, helps care to the population of 0 a 6 years, critical period in human development

Photo: Laryssa Gaynett

The phase of life 0 a 6 years, Call early childhood, It is of utmost importance for the formation of the physical and psychic structures of a human being. More than 70% the brain of an average adult is developed at that time and things like cognition and sociability are all structured at this stage. From pregnancy to growth, The feeding, the first words, started, new learning… are essential experiences and consequences for all life.

It is also at this stage that children are more susceptible to vulnerability as limitations, violence and stress. The lack of adequate health care and education of small in this lifetime are irreversible.

If this zeal is essential to children living in an urban context, for those residents inside the Amazon, as in coastal communities, It is even more urgent. Challenges such as geographical distance and lack of basic services require a differentiated approach with children riverside.

Thinking about that, the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) They have been promoting since 2012 o Programa Primeira Infância Ribeirinha (PIR), in order to take full care of Amazonian children aged 0 a 6 year-old residents of communities located in protected areas. Today, the initiative reaches more than 10,7 thousand children, making a given partial 2019, the perimeters of the municipalities of Maraã, New Aripuanã, Itapiranga, Tefé and Uarini.

Within the program, community workers who provide assistance in health and education that the public are able to make a full monitoring of children 0 a 6 years, having to support a methodology inspired by the Ministry of Health policies related to early childhood.

Furthermore, the program is also using a mobile application, developed by Samsung and the Northern Institute of Technology (ITN), que reúne, one place, all content needed for early childhood care, from a home visitation guide to informative and correct methodologies on education and health.

Pregnancy Baby, support for mothers, child birth, breastfeeding, care with water and personal hygiene, tips to prevent home accidents, disease prevention, family relationships, development of speech and cognition are included in the application.

"The community workers are the eyes of health in these communities, act vaccination campaigns, They are inside the house of the people dealing with their health. However, unfortunately, health in early childhood does not receive due importance ", He explained the analyst technical program, Heredia in Lima nutricionista. "Our goal is to train community health workers to give a better service from the suspicion of pregnancy until 6 years, strengthening the bond between parent and child, which is often overlooked ".

national recognition

Such methodology used in the Early Childhood Program riverfront was recently recognized by the Bank of Brazil Foundation (FBB) as a transformative social technology. The program earned a badge and was also selected as one of three finalists for the FBB Award for Social Technology 2019 in the category Early Childhood, competing with two other initiatives in the country with a focus on population 0 a 6 years, the Municipal Program Breastfeeding PRO-MAMÁ, the City of Osorio, in Rio Grande do Sul, and Household Visitation Early Childhood, the Department of Health of Porto Alegre, also in Rio Grande do Sul.

The award winner announcement takes place next Wednesday (16), at the headquarters of FBB in Brasilia. The first takes R $ 50 a thousand, the second R $ 30 thousand and the third R $ 20 a thousand. "This certification and award nomination proves how FAS methodology positive impact in the places where we operate, leading improvement in the organization of the local health system and the systematization of home visits in health, with agents acting preventively ", said Francisco Lima. "We do everything with great effort and dedication, with agents of support, of municipalities and, clear, families ".

When all, children over 8oo families are benefited by the Early Childhood riverfront, and about 308 community workers have been trained since. "Investing in children is investing in the future of the Amazon. The RIP is instrumental in bringing education and health in the most critical phase of people's lives, which is the period of 0 a 6 years, where all the thinking ability and cognitive intelligence is formed. Are these children in the future will be taking key decisions for the future of the Amazon ", said the general superintendent of FAS, Virgilio Viana. "Recognition by FBB only reinforces the importance of developing innovative solutions like this to the sustainable development of the region".

About the Award

Held every two years since 2001, the Foundation Award Banco do Brazil Social Technology aims to identify, certify, reward and disseminate social technologies already applied and to propose solutions to problems related to education, health, environment, energy, housing, water resources and income across the country. Can participate in public institutions or private non-profit.

In nine editions, more than 7 thousand initiatives registered and more than R $ 4,1 million has been awarded in prizes to the winners for improvement of social technologies. The listed initiatives, in addition to already being recognized as social technologies by FBB, become part of a database composed of 1110 institutions. This year 24 social technologies competing for the award in eight categories: digital innovation, education, income generation, environment, community management, women in agroecology, early childhood and international category.

On the FAS

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) It is a Brazilian non-profit organization with no party political ties whose mission is to make the forest worth more standing than cut, promoting sustainable development actions and quality improvement of life of people living in the forest. Through programs and projects, FAS hits a lifelong search 40 thousand people in 16 Protected Areas of the State, in cooperation with the Sema and support the Amazon Fund / BNDES, Samsung, Bradesco and Coca-Cola Brazil.