pirarucu management is strengthened with delivery fishing enterprises in Fonte Boa

4 the November the 2019 - processing unit, salting and refrigerator complex, purchased with funds from the Amazon Fund / BNDES via Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), They were given to fishermen's associations

Photo: Diego Peres / Secom

Fishing for Arapaima is one of the most common and traditional activities in the Amazon region, giving support and generate income to coastal communities. After years under scarcity and under threat of extinction, species has been recovered with the use of fishing management methods even become one of the most profitable and sustainable production chains Amazon. Part of these investments were delivered on Tuesday (3) the fishermen's associations in the Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Mamirauá, at the headquarters of the municipality of Fonte Boa, a 678 km.

A basic unit of processing arapaima, salting and one fish refrigerator complex, which together received R $ 600 thousand resources via Amazon Fund / BNDES to be built, They can now leverage the production of fish and benefit more from 500 families. The projects were made possible through actions forest Notice on Foot and Leg in Forest Program, Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS), on strategic cooperation of the Government of Amazonas, via the secretaries of State for the Environment (Sema) e de Produção Rural (Sepror), and with the support of fishermen's associations.

One of these associations is the Association of Fishermen and Fisherwomen of Fonte Boa (ASPPFB), awarded the basic unit of processing, which alone has the ability to produce 60 tons / month of arapaima benefited, namely, frozen or cut, packaged and labeled. "This is an achievement for us, fishermen, and for our city. In addition to bringing the benefits of living, It brings life expectancy for us and for nature, because part of the supply chain management ", said Aberlan Dias de Matos, president of the organization.

In addition to this processing unit, geleiro one boat had been delivered to ASPPFB last year as investment to the productive chain of the management of Arapaima. "Sustainable management came to organize fishing. I remember way back, when I was young, when I went fishing with my father, that to catch a arapaima was the hardest thing. We took it anyway. If the lake had 100 fish, we killed the 100, without method. My father said 'from now 20 years will not have more fish 'and today thanks to a quota management you have to take. In addition to help support people, helps preserve the species ", said.

Salting and complex

The other two projects, the salting, where it happens the salting process, natural drying, smoking and use of by-products such as skin and carcass, and the refrigerator complex, formed by freezing tunnel to five tons and cold store to store 40 tons, They were delivered via Residents Association and Members of the RDS Mamirauá / Antonio Martins (Amurmam). The salting received investments of R $ 150 thousand of the Amazon Fund / BNDES through the foot in Forest Notice and the refrigerator complex R $ 300 thousand also the Amazon / BNDES Fund, mas via Programa Floresta em Pé.

“O petróleo de Fonte Boa é o peixe. Are 880 lakes. De Manaus a Tabatinga é o município que tem mais lagos e eu falo isso porque eu conheço. Todos esses empreendimentos de hoje vão fazer a diferença na vida do pescador porque o manejo é o emprego das comunidades. É o manejo tira o caboclo da porta do poder público. Uma obra dessa é de grande importância porque melhora a qualidade de vida das pessoas e preserva o meio ambiente”, afirmou o presidente da Amurmam, José Pereira de Souza, o “Seu Pereira”.


Over the past decade, the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) investiu R$ 6,2 milhões em ações de geração de renda ao manejo do pirarucu na RDS Mamirauá e R$ 2,1 milhões em melhoria de infraestrutura, beneficiando cerca de 2 thousand families in 178 communities. "They are fishing boats, checkpoints, processing units, all delivered and in partnership with various institutions, as the State Government, the Good Source Prefecture, associations. Deliveries today benefit not only the fishermen tip there, we lakes, but it's here in the city because it generates jobs and income here. It is a victory for all ", said Virgilio Viana, Superintendent-geral FAS.

The projects were made possible through actions forest Notice on Foot and Leg in Forest Program, Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS), on strategic cooperation of the Government of Amazonas. Photo: Diego Peres / Secom

The governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima, He highlighted the actions for sustainable development during the delivery of projects. "I made a point to come to the municipality of Fonte Boa because here we are inaugurating structures that give conditions for these people who work so managed and sustainably in Mamirauá Reserve. We are moving to other steps next to our Department of Environment and Rural Production to expand these structures and to promote the management of other animals, how is the case, for example, alligator, since we have a significant population of this animal here in the region ", said.

On the FAS

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) It is a Brazilian non-profit organization with no party political ties whose mission is to make the forest worth more standing than cut, promoting sustainable development actions and quality of life improvement of coastal and indigenous populations living in protected areas (UC). Through programs and projects, como o Programa Floresta em Pé e o Edital Floresta em Pé, FAS hits a lifelong search 40 thousand people in 16 Protected Areas of the State, in cooperation with the Sema and support the Amazon Fund / BNDES, Samsung, Bradesco and Coca-Cola Brazil.

Photos: Diego Peres / Secom