FAS opens job vacancy for communication coordinator

9 the December the 2019 - The CVs should be sent only by e-mail with the subject rh@fasamazonas.org "Coordinator / a Communication" in the period 9 a 13 December 2019

FAS Headquarters | Photo: Felipe Irnaldo

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) You are selecting a professional to communication coordinator job, which should be responsible for:

a) Coordinate the relationship with the local media, national and international for institutional promotion;
b) Produce and review releases, notes and elaborate guidelines for the promotion and dissemination of activities for print media, TV and digital media;
c) Coordinate the production of technical publications team (text and publishing);
d) Coordinating publications and updates the website and social media;
until) Coordinate audiovisual coverage of the activities and partners, when necessary;
f) Articular, advise and monitor technical interviews when demanded or required;
g) Technical support projects related to media; until
h) Produce annual report.

They are expected qualifications of candidates:

a) Degree in Communication, Journalism, Marketing, Advertising or related field;
b) relevant and proven experience in Media;
c) Excellent writing proven by presentation of published works, como silent: materials in reports, magazines, newspapers or portals;
d) Excellent relationship with professionals from different media in the Amazon, national and international;
until) Experience with the issues of sustainable development and the Amazon;
f) Travel availability into the Amazon, national and international;
g) Fluency in English and, preferencialmente, in Spanish.

The CVs should be sent only by e-mail with the subject rh@fas-amazonas.org "Coordinator / a Communication" in the period 9 of the December 13 December 2019. In addition to the curriculum, those interested should send a letter stating reasons for the interest to work in FAS and salary requirements, in Portuguese; and even an authorial text published in some media to serve as a reference and writing style. Check out the announcement here.