FAS up to COP 25 sustainable development agenda to combat climate crisis

11 the December the 2019 - UN conference that brings together governments, Sociedade Civil, companies and academia is an opportunity to share actions in favor of the climate. Agenda forest valuation standing is led by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS)

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The environmental services provided by standing forests and sustainable development are examples of actions to combat the climate crisis presented by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) during the 25th Conference of the Parties, a COP 25, in Madrid, Spain. governments, Sociedade Civil, business and academia discuss and propose solutions to the increase in Earth temperature does not exceed 1.5 ° C. The FAS and partner institutions have forest measures to exploit standing, poverty reduction and social inclusion.

Among the FAS at COP agendas are an official event held in the Conference of the Parties, on Wednesday (11), in order to deliver results and Amazon's efforts to the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) of Brazil to comply with the Paris Agreement. At the time, also Government of Amazonas advances will be presented on the development of financial mechanisms and safeguards environmental Climate and Carbon adjustment program within the Environmental Services Law (LSA).

On Thursday (12) FAS participates in an organized by the Ethos Institute debate which highlights the importance of coordination of various sectors to combat climate change. During the discussion will be presented the Declaration of Recife, which reinforces that Brazil still remains the Paris Agreement.

"The FAS participates in the COP of Madrid in order to share lessons learned from our work, both in education and in generating income and reducing deforestation, which is what happens in the Juma Reserve. There we have the first REDD + project certificate in the Amazon. We are also mobilizing as civil society in finding resources to implement programs and projects for sustainable development and improving the quality of life of the forest people ", said the general superintendent of FAS, Virgilio Viana. "We also support the Government of Amazonas and the Consortium on several initiatives Interstate", stressed.

As a practical result of the joints, FAS has signed a memorandum of understanding with the State Environmental Company of São Paulo (CETESB), Brazil's largest government organization of air control, proposing mutual collaboration on projects and actions to improve air quality and solid waste management in the Amazon. "This agreement is very important because it establishes concrete actions to fight pollution and monitor air quality in the state", reinforced Virgilio Viana.


Another important moment in COP 25 It was the Amazon-Madrid event, conducted by the Consortium of Interstate Brazilian Amazon, receiving support from FAS and with the participation of Amazonas Governor, Wilson Lima. "It is important this event so there is a union of agendas, because everyone is involved here in a single goal, which is to promote sustainable development, which has a very strong base in the exploration of the green economy. We are, not the State of Amazonas, including, regulating our environmental services laws, changing our energy matrix ", He stressed the governor.

COP 25

A Conferência das Partes (COP) It is the supreme organ of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and annually brings together the member countries at conferences, parallel events, official sessions and strategy meetings during the two-week period. The 25th Conference of the Parties (COP25) It began Monday (2) in Madrid, Spain, focus on closing the Kyoto cycle and make the transition to the Paris Agreement. A COP 25, would happen in Chile and was transferred to Madrid due to the political instability of the country, closes sixth (13).

On the FAS

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) It is a Brazilian non-profit organization with no party political ties whose mission is to make the forest worth more standing than cut, promoting sustainable development actions and quality improvement of life of people living in the forest. Through programs and projects, FAS hits a lifelong search 40 thousand people in 16 Protected Areas of the State, in cooperation with the Sema and support the Amazon Fund / BNDES, Samsung, Bradesco and Coca-Cola.