Subprogram Empowerment

Near Bolsa Floresta benefits 40 thousand people across the State of Amazonas (Tomas Viana)

The Empowerment sub-program aims to strengthen the social community-based organizations, encouraging the consolidation of the current leaders and the training of future leaders in coastal protected areas (UC). The initiative has the support of the Amazon Fund, Banco Bradesco, e Governo do Amazonas, and has formal partnership with 14 Parent associations participating in the Bolsa Floresta.

From these partnerships with parent associations, that democratically represent the PAs in the Program strategy, are investments made for the training of directors, institutional strengthening and supporting infrastructure (headquarters, computers, transport boats etc.), as well as operational support (gasoline, food etc.).Annually, parent associations are brought together to discuss the investment priorities and the establishment of joint planning with FAS. On 2017, were 157 unique actions to support 14 Parent associations supported by FAS, which included training workshops, dating riverside leaders, support meetings and board meetings, lectures and seminars.

These actions enabled the leaders access to knowledge, means, resources and methodologies directed to increased empowerment in the claims of citizenship rights and quality public services. Prior to the implementation of the Bolsa Floresta, only eight parent associations were formally constituted in 16 UC program participants, and almost all had various disputes and restrictions. On 2017, 14 associations were duly formalized, with book case and accounting days, and regular elections for succession of its managers, according to its statutes.

They were also dedicated efforts for political articulations at the municipal and regional levels, in addition to liaising with the Department of Climate Change and Protected Areas (Demuc) for mobilization and discussions that will result in the creation of the parent associations of the Rio Negro APA and RDS Puranga Conquest, completing 16 storage units supported by FAS.