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FAS launches webseries 'Solutions for Sustainability' on supply chains in the Amazon

To each 15 days, multimedia content on flour, cocoa, brazilian nut, pirarucu, açaí, tourism, guaraná, vegetable oils and timber management will be launched on social networks and other website

'Flour Uarini' produced by bordering becomes sold under seal sources Brazil

Cultivated by the community RDS Mamirauá, between the municipalities of Uarini and Alvarães, flour "The Riverside" now circulates with the national seal forest home warranty

Two tons of tambaqui managed are offered for sale this weekend in FAS

Fishermen Middle Solimões region come to Manaus fish market at prices that range from $ 9 a R$ 17 o quilo. The sale encourages the management of fish and generates income to the riverside families

Dialogue between coastal and government is the main result of the XXII Leadership Meeting

Event that brought together leaders from the Amazon Conservation Units community debates provided, lectures and training in order to improve the Bolsa Floresta, improve the quality of life of the population and reduce deforestation in these regions

Sustainable chat debate solutions to bring clean water to riverine communities of Amazonas

innovative initiatives such as the Water + Access project, desenvolvido pela FAS, Coca-Cola Institute, WTT and Avina Foundation, and distributing water purifying sachets P & G, sample solutions were

Public policies for the environment are discussed in a meeting with leaders riparian

The Secretary of State for the Environment (Sema) presented topics such as Rural Environmental Registry (CAR), management and forest concession in protected areas, and also gave a participatory workshop for creation of the State Water Resources Plan

Challenges of riverside communities in the Amazon protected areas are discussed on the 1st day of the XXII Leadership Meeting

Event sponsored by FAS with Sema meets in Manaus riverside leaders and presidents of various local and regional associations. Programming includes lectures, roundtables and training

water station that works with solar energy is inaugurated in the community RDS Rio Negro

capture system, treatment and distribution of water developed within the Water + Access project, in partnership between FAS, Coca-Cola Institute, Avina Foundation and WTT, It brings clean water to residents of the community house N. S. of Perpetual Help

Riparian owners of hostels within the AM make hospitality management training

Entrepreneurs of community-based tourism in protected areas (UC) participated in the laboratory with the accorhotels an action developed by FAS to boost the sector in the State

Bordering the Rio Gregory Resex receive sachets of P&L water purifier with powder

Technology developed by the multinational Procter & Gamble to transform contaminated water into drinking was distributed to residents in remote communities in the Extractive Reserve of Rio Gregory