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FAS extends registration for specialists in gender issues

Proposals should be sent by the day 14 May to email

A school adapted to forest, Rural Family House starts activities in Rio Juruá

Inauguration is conquering various partners Territory Middle Juruá; FAS will lead educational front

Buildings around the world can help protect the Amazon

LEED certification of sustainable buildings anywhere in the world can benefit more from 9 Amazonian thousand families and help preserve the Amazon forest

We have opportunities for temporary and Maraã Manaus-AM

FAS selects administrative staff, pedagogues, photography and environmental education to work on projects for children and adolescents

“Minister voluntary free English classes in Rio Negro”, by Reporters Forest

By Luana Melissa, Tharliany Victoria and Lorena, residents of Tumbira Community

Horta as our school in Puna has no equal, by Lohana Carvalho

Material was published in the third issue of the Journal Reporters Forest, with support from Samsung and Amazon Fund / BNDES

FAS has vacancies in administration, humanities, financial and health

Four calls select professionals to work in Manaus and Tefé-AM

App launched in the Amazon takes early childhood care in the state

The Sustainable Chat, which was sponsored by Samsung, It was developed by ITN and help community workers in health in the interior of Amazonas state to care for children 0 a 6 year-old attended the Early Childhood program riverfront, Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS)

Manaus students from public are evaluated by software developed by Sidia and FAS

On Tuesday, day 18, technical institutions and participating schools gathered to see the results of the EDK, tool capable of applying teaching evaluations in offline mode

FAS census and UNICEF reveals that 97% of coastal communities do not have access to internet

Publication released by UNICEF and FAS shows current situation of education in five municipalities in the state, numbers on infrastructure, school meals and access to water and energy to teachers testimonials, students and parents