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Bordering the Rio Solimões improve quality of production of the famous flour Uarini

Producers of rural Tefé-AM have the support leg in Forest Notice, Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS) and Amazon / BNDES Fund

FAS has vacancies in administration, humanities, financial and health

Four calls select professionals to work in Manaus and Tefé-AM

Entrepreneurs supported by Foot in Forest Notice participate in exchanging experience in Manaus

Participants of income generation projects supported by FAS share entrepreneurial community practices, sustainable development and environmental conservation

social project encourages sustainable production of handicrafts in New Airão-AM

Backed by foot in Forest Notice, action involves local youth in actions of sustainable income generation

project 13 municipalities already receive resources Foot in Forest Notice

To 2019, They will be invested R $ 2,5 million to support projects aimed at generating sustainable income

FAS and Amazon Fund disclose the result of "Foot in Forest Notice"

When all, 17 initiatives will receive incentives of up to R $ 150 thousand for the development of sustainable projects within the state

NOTE: Projects sent to Foot in Forest Notice follow in compliance check by BNDES

Once the process is completed, the Foundation will release the list of classified in the http page://

Standing in Forest receives notice 181 proposals for sustainable development

Near 123 proposals are eligible to be supported with resources of up to R $ 150,000 each

Edital “Forest In Foot” It is presented in the municipality of Eirunepé, in Amazonas

municipal managers, representatives of other government entities and local social organizations had the opportunity to answer questions about the initiative