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Although note: Lázaro Brandão, former president of Bradesco

Lazaro de Mello Brandao, from 93 years, He was president of Bradesco and the bank's board of directors, one of the main sponsors of the actions promoted by FAS

FAS wins award from UNESCO for sustainable development initiatives in the Amazon

Only Brazilian and only organization in South America throughout history to take the prize, FAS works for more than 11 years in environmental conservation and enhancement of people living in the forests

FAS opens job vacancy to provide youth leadership workshops within the AM

The opportunity is to work in the countryside of Tefé and Novo Aripuana within the Integral Development Program for Child and Adolescent Amazon Riverside (Dicara)

FAS social technology focused on health and education of local children running for national award

#Children's Day | Early Childhood Program riverfront, FAS, helps care to the population of 0 a 6 years, critical period in human development

Four tons of tambaqui managed are sold this weekend at the FAS headquarters

Consumers can buy Manaus tambaqui rivers and lakes in the RDS Mamirauá direct fishermen, at prices ranging from $ 9 a R$ 16 o quilo. The sale generates income to the riverside families

FAS financial statements are approved without restrictions by the 23rd time

foundation's accounts are audited every six months by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of the world's largest companies in auditing and consulting services

New plant chestnut in Beruri, reformed with support from the Amazon Fund, must produce 200 tons / year

Initiative assisted by Foot in Forest Notice benefits over 340 families 45 Piagaçu communities in RDS-Purus, on indigenous lands and thirst for Beruri. Expected to grow

Arapaima managed the RDS Mamirauá will be sold at the 41st Expoagro until Sunday (6)

The main Amazon agricultural fair takes place in the area outside the University Nilton Lins, in Manaus. Marketing of fish will also take place on Sunday (6) FAS in the Fair

FAS Petrobras and support training of teachers in multigrade classes AM municipalities

from public teachers underwent training focused on teaching methodologies for classes in which students of different educational levels and ages studying in the same room with one teacher

New season of fairs arapaima run starts at the headquarters of FAS

For the next four months, RDS Mamirauá fishermen come to sell Manaus 30 tons of fish handled, at prices ranging from $ 5 a R$ 22 o quilo