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Resource P&D of the free zone industries can finance projects in the Amazon communities

Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) It was authorized by the Committee of Research and Development Activities in the Amazon (CAPDA) to raise funds from businesses and invest in projects in these regions

8,3 tons of cool, dry arapaima come from handling for sale in FAS this weekend

Fish handled the RDS and RDS Mamirauá Cujubim are marketed directly to fishermen, including during the Fair FAS, not Sunday (3). Prices range from $ 3,50 a R$ 25 o quilo

FAS Partnership and Coca-Cola Institute brings clean water to bordering on the Amazon

With prayer and fireworks, community bordering Vila Darcy, in Maués, They celebrated the arrival of "good water" in house taps. Technology for solar energy was possible with participation of the Institute Avina and WTT

Amazon governments, SDSN-Amazon and FAS signed letter to the Pope in defense of the region

Organizations participated in summit of governors which resulted in a document with guidelines and assumed commitments by authorities, scientists and civil society in the Amazon

FAS opens vacancy for service for preparation of a report in Tefé

The opportunity is for the Integral Development Program for Child and Adolescent Amazon Riverside (DICARA). Deadline Thursday (31)

bordering entrepreneurs learn new techniques of furniture making and crafts during laboratory in Carauari

Training was sponsored by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation in order to improve traditional knowledge

Early Childhood riverfront receives Award BB Social Technology Foundation

FAS program aimed at health and indoor children's education Amazon 0 a 6 years was in 2nd place at the awards, receiving national recognition as an important social technology

Although note: Lázaro Brandão, former president of Bradesco

Lazaro de Mello Brandao, from 93 years, He was president of Bradesco and the bank's board of directors, one of the main sponsors of the actions promoted by FAS

FAS wins award from UNESCO for sustainable development actions in the Amazon

Only Brazilian and only organization in South America throughout history to take the prize, FAS works for more than 11 years in environmental conservation and enhancement of people living in the forests

FAS opens job vacancy to provide youth leadership workshops within the AM

The opportunity is to work in the countryside of Tefé and Novo Aripuana within the Integral Development Program for Child and Adolescent Amazon Riverside (Dicara)