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Log in Amazonas Legislative Assembly (ALE-AM) debate the Amazon Fund on Tuesday (20)

Debate will be attended by the general superintendent of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), Virgilio Viana.

FAS Fair opens at once registrations for September exhibitors, outubro, novembro e dezembro

that's it! All who are interested in participating in the fair as an exhibitor can fill out a single form as valid subscription to future issues

Ufam and UEA are affiliated to SDSN-Amazon Network

Thinking of visible the research developed in terms of knowledge generation and innovation two universities joined the Solutions Network for the Amazon Sustainable Development

Integration between FAS and Sepror System seeks to strengthen sustainable production in the Amazon

The idea was to make a tactical planning between institutions aimed at integrating actions, ranging from the capture of rural credit resources, technical assistance and sustainable production practices

riverside community in the RDS Uatumã gets new tourist resort

Pousada delivered through the foot in Forest Notice, with funds from the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) and Amazon Fund, It promises to be an alternative income generation for local people

Indigenous women debate on challenges to undertake in the forest

Align sustainability and benefits to the collective challenge is to entrepreneurial indigenous. To further promote these potential, FAS promotes the 1st Meeting of Indigenous Entrepreneurs Amazon, with the Indigenous Women's Network of the Amazon (MAKIRA-ËTA)

FAS and institutions are open letter in defense of the Amazon Fund

Institutions reinforce the importance of the fund for programs, projects and forest conservation activities and internalization of sustainable development in remote areas and vulnerable populations

Archer indigenous Graziela Santos dispute the bronze at the Pan American Games in Lima 2019

The Amazon of 23 years, "Won" etnia Karapãna, now competes in the category Women's Team in Archery. It receives support from FAS by the Indigenous Project Archery

FAS open education spaces, leadership, performing arts, handicraft, Music and systems developer

The professionals will work in the municipalities of Uarini and Eirunepé, within the Integral Development Program for Child and Adolescent Amazon Riverside (Dicara)

Indigenous women from around the Amazon Manaus come to discuss business strategies and entrepreneurship

Coming from different regions and different ethnicities, they participate in the First Meeting of Indigenous Entrepreneurs, from 8 a 11 August; and also expose products in FAS Fair