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FAS achievement 'award ODS Brazil' on Sustainable Development Goals

Foundation was awarded in the category Nonprofit. The FAS promotes from 2008 environmental conservation activities and improving the quality of life of coastal communities within the state

FAS census and UNICEF reveals that 97% of coastal communities do not have access to internet

Publication released by UNICEF and FAS shows current situation of education in five municipalities in the state, numbers on infrastructure, school meals and access to water and energy to teachers testimonials, students and parents

Bolsa Floresta increases the income of coastal families and helps conserve forest, reveals survey of German agency GIZ

Study commissioned by the Amazon Fund / BNDES was inside the Amazon to assess performance of public policy implemented by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS)

Abio alliance wins the tender to manage MDIC Amazon Biotechnology Center, a CBA

The Abio is formed by a set of institutions aimed at search, Development, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (PDI & E) in bio-economy

Coca-Cola Brazil Institute FAS and expand access to drinking water in riverine communities of Amazonas

By the end of November five riverside communities in the Amazon will have access to treated water through solutions […]

Indian archers Amazonas win three gold medals in the Brazilian Championship Archery, no RJ

Competitors of Kambeba ethnicities and karapãna, the lower Rio Negro, They are part of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation project (FAS)

Entrepreneurs supported by Foot in Forest Notice participate in exchanging experience in Manaus

Participants of income generation projects supported by FAS share entrepreneurial community practices, sustainable development and environmental conservation

Delivery of arapaima: fish bought in online store is now delivered to the consumer's home

Partnership between FAS and Onisafra launches online sale of exclusive service managed Arapaima the Middle Solimões, with the delivery of the product directly to the customer's residence

bordering young exercise literary art in meeting with Amazonian writers

More than 150 children and adolescents from communities in the state exercised reading and writing next to Jan Santos and Beatriz Mascarenhas, promising names in the regional literature

Miss Brazil Mayra Dias delivery letter of riparian students UN leaders in New York

Agenda happens through the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), organization which is Mayra ambassador