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FAS selects professionals for technical advice and communication in the Amazon

The opportunities are for service providers with expertise in the design of fluid resuscitation in the region. Entries can be made until next Wednesday (12)

FAS is honored in the Legislative Assembly by acting in riverside communities

Organization received recognition for promoting environmental conservation actions, sustainable development and improving the quality of life of traditional populations in protected areas. Action is part of SAP's Environment Week

Fifth edition of the Sustainable Turnaround is launched on Thursday (6) in Manaus

The Sustainable Turning happens in the month of July with a series of free activities such as workshops, exhibitions, shows, artistic interventions, among others. The release schedule is part of Midweek FAS Environment

Dialogue between coastal and government is the main result of the XXII Leadership Meeting

Event that brought together leaders from the Amazon Conservation Units community debates provided, lectures and training in order to improve the Bolsa Floresta, improve the quality of life of the population and reduce deforestation in these regions

Sustainable chat debate solutions to bring clean water to riverine communities of Amazonas

innovative initiatives such as the Water + Access project, desenvolvido pela FAS, Coca-Cola Institute, WTT and Avina Foundation, and distributing water purifying sachets P & G, sample solutions were

Public policies for the environment are discussed in a meeting with leaders riparian

The Secretary of State for the Environment (Sema) presented topics such as Rural Environmental Registry (CAR), management and forest concession in protected areas, and also gave a participatory workshop for creation of the State Water Resources Plan

online and free course on sustainability and terrestrial ecosystems have late registration deadline

Training organized by SDG Academy, FAS and SDSN-Amazon starts on Sunday (2) in order to reveal preservation strategies of the land and the environment. Entries can be made free

Challenges of riverside communities in the Amazon protected areas are discussed on the 1st day of the XXII Leadership Meeting

Event sponsored by FAS with Sema meets in Manaus riverside leaders and presidents of various local and regional associations. Programming includes lectures, roundtables and training

XXII Meeting of Leaders of the Bolsa Floresta starts on Monday (27) with extensive program

Event sponsored by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) to evaluate and improve the Bolsa Floresta (BFP), and empower and enable riparian leaders, happens until Friday (31) with discussions, speeches, roundtables and training

List of organic fairs in Manaus

Check here for a list of where to find organic fairs in Manaus: – First Thursday and Friday of the month, at the University […]