The Education and Health Program is devoted for the expansion and qualification of the public sectors of health and education offer in the riverine communities. Using the infrastructure of 8 Conservation and Sustainability Centers, located in the CUs where FAS works, are implemented activities of education, of support to health, of riverine entrepreneurship, and of research, development and innovation. These centers are result of the partnership with the Secretaria de Estadp de Educação (Seduc), Municipal City Halls, non-governmental organizations and private companies. Nowadays, the centers have 675 enrolled students and support the implementation of projects designed for professional qualification, entrepreneurship, full-time attention to the first childhood, interchange of knowledge, reading incentive, recycling of solid residues, Agroechological and Permacultural practices, among others. The offer is to support the public power to take more health and educational services to the CUs of the Bolsa Floresta Program.


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