Teacher's book: learning basis for the sustainable development

Students Rio Negro participating in the initiative | Photo: Nathalia Flores/FAS

Learning the bases Paper for Sustainable Development was established by FAS in 2013, with funds from Samsung and technical support Lighthouse Communication and Culture. The publication contains 60 activities that have turned formal content 1st to 5th grade students to help teachers in the inclusion of regional issues in the classroom, highlighting elements and values ????of the Amazonian culture, as well as solutions for sustainable development.

With recreational and educational activities proposed by the book, that can be carried in and out of the classroom, the pedagogical proposal was based on experiential education, a teaching method focused on the action, participating in an active way as the subject of the teaching-learning process. Through regional references as chestnut, community development, pirarucu, Amazonian legends and traditions, practical classes seeking to bring relaxation for teachers and students.

Result of a participatory process from start to finish, the book provides the construction of new possibilities to discuss with teachers and local supervisors of education improvement proposals for the book, through participatory consultations to 2016.