Project to Encourage Reading and Writing


The Incentive Project to Reading and Writing (Incenturita) It aims to promote reading and empowerment of students through education and art activities in Juma, Mamirauá, Uatumã, and Rio Negro, beyond the Rio Negro APA. The project has the support of Samsung, Bradesco e Instituto Alair Martins (Iamar).

The initiative conducts book distribution activities, reading workshops, text interpretation, voice and body expression workshops with students from six FAS Centers. O ano de 2017 It marked the arrival of the program to all FAS Centers, reaching the mark 192 participating students, 5th to 9th grade of elementary school, and 1st to 3rd the average level.

The project made presentations on Sustainable Turning Manaus 2017, in event at Mindu Park, and stirred Novo Aripuana, which mobilized residents of the Amazon interior of the county seat to accompany the presentation