Project to Encourage Reading and Writing


In order to promote reading and contribute to the field of public speaking and student empowerment, Incentive Project for Reading and Writing (INCENTURITA) conducts activities involving education and art in the nuclei Victor Civita and Samuel Benchimol, Juma, e Assy Manana, APA in Rio Negro. The project has the support Samsung, Bradesco e Instituto Alair Martins (Iamar) and had a total of 127 students participating in 2016.

During the year we performed eight books distribution activities, a total of 130 copies delivered. Furthermore, reading activities, interpretation, voice and body language exercises were on schedule INCENTURITA. Divided into three modules, activities culminated in the end of the year with theatrical presentations created by the students themselves, in shows mounted in their communities.

The project modules have promoted the development of a healthier school environment, and improve the social relationship of students, their personal development and critical thinking in relation to read works, contributing to school performance. The creation of the closing show also contributed to the integration of students, who wrote the script and the characters created with the support of Professor Adriano Rodrigues, Coordinator of Art Education Foundation.

On 2017, the INCENTURITA aims to reach students from three cores with support from other FAS projects. During this year students will also have the challenge of the three modules write and interpret their own complete works for communities.