Exchange of Knowledge

Students and teachers participating in the 6th Knowledge Exchange (FAS communication - 2017)
The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) and the State of Amazonas Secretariat of Education (SEDUC) through Exchange Knowledge project aims to create and consolidate spaces of dialogue and citizen participation of youth in society, contributing for the development of their autonomy and commitment with their communities. Besides that, the project wants to promote their protagonism and engagement in social-environmental causes inside the Conservation Unites of Amazonas State.

FAS and SEDUC believe in the collaborative actions between communities and people for the creation of a better world and understand that the youth is fundamental in this movement of change. Both organizations bring to discussion the “2030 Agenda for the Sustainable Development – towards global challenges”, engaging young people to protect the planet with solutions in direction of a sustainable and resilient path for the world.

Every year, 30 riverside young people of 6 schools get together in Manaus for exchanging knowledge and experiences in leadership, youth protagonism and community engagement. The Exchange Knowledge is a project from Education and Health Program of FAS.

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